Ahmadis are crazy with their medicines.  Its really sad.  MGA took Noorudin’s medicines in 1884 and went from impotent to potent, or that’s his alibi, we will never know the truth.  MGA and company then formulated Tiryaq-e-Ilahi (1898), which was supposed to stop people from getting the plague, its major ingredient was opium and it didn’t work, the British Govt. had to order MGA to stop selling it…nonetheless, MGA and company would sip their opium mixed with Lassi and they enjoyed.  MGA and company then lied about their opium use in 1904, just to save face.  MGA even drugged his closest workers like Mufti Muhammad Sadiq.

In this specific case, we have an issue of the Al-Fazl was 1939, wherein the Khalifa seems to have approved the marketing of a certain medicine of Noorudin,

“” those who wants to get male issue should order for this medicine which has been formulated by Aristotle of the time, the Royal physician, the master teacher Hakim Nooruddin. Its price is Rs 6.00 with discount u can get it for Rs 4.00. This medicine (Nemat Elahi) is given to man. It can be had from Dawa Khana Moeen us Sehat. Out siders should pay postal charges separately,  If u want a son instead of daughter try this medicine Nemat e elahi. This medicine is tested for 100 percent result. It is what ishtihar says which published in Al fazal of 13, December, 1939″””””

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