This entry is about the essay by the son of MGA, Mirza Bashir-uddin Mahmud Ahmad in his own magazine, the Tashhidhul Adhan of April 1911 (see page 91). It was also published in the
Badr of 4th May 1911, and Al-Hakam of 14th May 1911. This is the essay that solidified the “Qadiani” of Takfir, which was a big part of the split. Moreover, the word “true-muslim” doesn’t exist in this essay, in urdu it would have been “Sacha Musalman”. After 1923, the Khalifa would claim that these statements of Kufr were only in terms of other Muslims not being “true muslims”.


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In urdu the essay is as follows, “Musalman wohi hai jo sab Amoor ko maney”. This speech exists online, see Anwar-ul Uloom”, Vol. 1, Chapter 9, page 316.

“Today non-Ahmadis are trying their best to embrace us, but if a person (non-ahmadi) remains a Muslim despite denying the Messiah then what is the purpose of his (MGA’s) advent?”


_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In 1922-1923, the Khalifa explains why he wrote this essay

“”””This article of mine was read by Khalifatul Masih Ira, from beginning to end and was approved by him for publication. The following events prove the point.

The reason why in March 1911, I wrote an article on the subject of the Kufr of those who did not accept the Promised Messiahas, was that at that time some Ahmadis, under the influence of non-Ahmadis, had begun to write in some non-Ahmadi papers that there was no material difference between Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis, both being Muslims. I was afraid lest this erroneous view should find currency in the Ahmadiyya Community.

So I wrote the article and submitted it to Khalifatul Masih Ira, for his approval. This was in
March 1911. At that time he was seriously indisposed. The article therefore remained with him for a considerable time. During this time some organs of the Ahmadiyya Movement made references to the article. But as the article remained in the custody of Khalifatul Masih Ira, it began to be rumoured by some advocates of Khwaja Kamaluddin’s views that the article had been strongly disapproved of by the Khalifa. The Khalifa’s indisposition continued, and I thought it improper under the circumstances to trouble him with a reminder. At length, after a month, Hadrat Khalifatul Masih Ira, partially regained his health. He then looked through the article and, at several places, corrected it in his own hand. When he had finished I was sitting beside him. He returned the article to me saying “Miyań, I do not like being hard. You are young, but I am old.” (These, or to this effect, were the words he used).”””””

(See Truth about the Split, online engilsh edition, pages 137-138)
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Quotes from this essay

(Tashhizul Azhan, April 1911, page 139).  Also quoted in Muhammad Ali’s “Heresy in Islam” (1922) see page 34.

“Thirdly, the fate of the people who are not aware of the teachings of the Promised Messiah is known to Allah.  It cannot be said with certainty what is in their minds.  Since the Shariah takes cognizance of what is patent we are bound to consider them Kafirs”. 

______________________________________________________________________________________________(Tashhizul Azhan, April 1911, page 141). Also quoted in Muhammad Ali’s “Heresy in Islam” (1922) see page 34 and “Truth Prevails” (1965).  

“Thus not only the person who does not declare him Kafir but happens to ignore his call is an unbeliever, but even one who considers him truthful in his heart and does not reject him outright but is hesitant to take the pledge, is an unbeliever”. 
________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Tashhizul Azhan ) Vol. 1V & VI pages 130, 131, April, 1911)(See Truth Prevails, 1965).  

“It is our faith and belief that Hazrat Sahib was an apostle of God, appointed by the Lord. It is our conviction that Allah has always been sending His prophets. At the same time it is also our belief that the Holy Prophet Mohammad, is Ra’uf, Rahim, Apostle of Allah, and Khataman -Nabiyin. After him, there has been no prophet with a new Sharia ; and he is the seal for all kinds of Nabuwwat in the future. Whosoever will reach God now, he will do so only by virtue of obedience and loyalty, and devotion to him, as we read in the Holy Quran: ` ‘ `Say, if you love Allah, follow me, and God will begin to love you.’ His honour lies only in this. Can a man be called honoured who has no subordinates under him? No, really honoured and high in rank would only be one who has many people of position and power placed under him. Look at things in this world itself. Would you prefer to be a king, or an emperor? The world emperor denotes a higher position than does the word king. It carries the sense that he rules over kings. He stands higher than kings, not lower. Similarly a Nabuwwat is higher which has some prophets placed under its authority, than another Nabuwwat which has no prophet placed under it. So, on this same principle, we hold the Promised Messiah as a Nabi, and a Mamur, duly commissioned, in the light of unassailable Reports in the works of Hadith.”
“Tashi-ul-Azhan”, 6:4, Apr. 1911, Miyan Mahmood Qadiani – “Aqaid-e-Ahmadia”, Page 108

“He (Mirza Ghulam Qadiani) has regarded him as an infidel who knows him to be truthful and does not believe him in speech but has not yet entered the fold.”  
(Letter addressed to Dr. Abdul Hakeem). See all urdu editions of Tadhkirah, and the 1976 english edition of Tadhkirah (page 346). 

In a private letter to Dr. Khan, MGA wrote: 

“God almighty has conveyed it to me that every person to whom my call is conveyed and who does not accept me is not a Muslim and is accountable to God for his default”
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