As we all know, nowadays, the Ahmadi-trolls on social media are running around and denying that Ahmadis had ever done Takfir on anyone.  The truth is, the soon to be Qadiani branch of Ahmadis began doing open Takfir on all Muslims (shias. sunnis, sufi’s, all muslims), in 1911, at that point they weren’t “qadianis” yet, since the split happened in 1914.  The Split happened in 1914, and the Lahoris vs. Qadiani’s arguments began.  And they debated each other on a few topics, Prophethood, Takfir, Khilafat and Ismuhu Ahmad, the birth of Esa (As) was never an issue.

By 1923, the Ahmadi Khalifa changed his mind on Takfir and Ismuhu Ahmad
From 1911 to 1923, Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad, the Ahmadi Khalifa, and son of MGA, was busy making many many arguments wherein he called the deniers of the prophethood of MGA as Kafirs, his younger brother, Mirza Bashir Ahmad wrote extensively on this also, this fatwa of Kufr also included the Lahori-Ahmadis.  Thus, the Ahmadi Khalifa was trying to distinguish “qadiani” Ahmadis from other Ahmadis, to be clear, other Ahmadis who believed in MGA, yet rejected the Khilafat, they were not even Muslims per the Mirza family, they were Kafirs.

The quote
See Freidman, “Prophecy Continous” (2003) edition, see page 161

“Mahmud Ahmad wrote in 1923, that though it is true that the non-Ahmadis are infidels, one should not speak about it needlessly 56.”

56—Review of Religions,–22 (1923), page 51

The full PDF of ROR, 1923
A letter from His Holiness Khalifa tul Masih

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Al Hakam – 6 September 2019

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