The Qadiani-Ahmadi belief in prophethood is very unique and complicated. Firstly, it has to be understood that in 1901, MGA and his team published an announcement wherein MGA was claiming prophethood. This prophethood wasn’t “independent”, in other words, Ahmadi writers (+MGA) were claiming that all 123,999 of the prophets that had came before MGA were all “independent”. Well, what does “independent” even mean? It means that all prophets became prophets directly through Allah (and all sunnis/shias/sufi’s agree), however, MGA is different then this. Even Aaron (as) became a prophet directly through Allah. But MGA is not like any other prophet. However, in 1891, MGA and his team argued from 4:64 of the Quran that prophets could never be followers. See here. Further, all Muslims believe that a follower of a prophet can never become a Prophet. MGA and his team seem to have discovered a new type of prophethood that had never existed before. Nonetheless, this is the type of prophethood that MGA was claiming.

Read about MGA and his connection with the Akhbar-e-Aam herein.
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“Dear Mr. Editor,

In the second line of column I, Akhbar-i ‘Am dated May 23, 1908, it has been ascribed to me that in the meeting (held in Lahore) I had denied a claim to prophethood. The correct position is that in this meeting I only repeated what I have been writing in my books and I now declare it again that it is entirely unfounded that I claim prophethood which tantamounts to total severance from Islam meaning thereby that I am an independent prophet and absolve myself from following the Quran, and introduce a new kalimah (formula of faith) of my own, have a different qiblah and hold the law of Islam as abrogated, and forsake the precept and guidance of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). These allegations are not correct. The claim to such a prophethood is heresy to me. This is not for the first time that I refute these accusations but have been writing time and again that I have no claim to such a prophethood and it is a calumny against me. I call myself a prophet because I have been gifted with divine revelation. I profusely receive His communications. He grants my prayers, manifests for me many Unseen matters and discloses to me knowledge about the events to come. Such secrets are disclosed only to the person who earns exclusive nearness to God. I have been named prophet because of the abundance of these qualities. Thus I am a prophet in consonance with the divine command. If I disclaim this privilege, it will be a sin. I cannot deny that God has named me prophet in a particular sense and I stick to it till I depart from this world. I am not a prophet in the sense that I dissociate myself from Islam or abrogate any of its injunctions. I faithfully submit to the dictates of the Quran in word and spirit. No one can dare to abrogate even a jot or tittle of the Quran. I have thus been called a prophet because, in Arabic and in Hebrew, nabi means a person who, on the basis of divine revelation predicts the future events in abundance. And it is this abundance which counts for this epithet just as possession of a penny does not construe riches. God by His grace has granted me immense knowledge of the Unseen and thousands of signs have been manifested at my hands and His favour still continues. I say it not by way of self-praise but in gratitude to Allah’s grace and His assurance that even if the entire world rises against me, He will come to my rescue and that He will stand by me in trials and tribulations and make me dominant over my foes in every respect. This is why Allah has named me nabi. I alone have been granted abundant knowledge of the sciences of the Unseen and frequency of divine communion and communication in this age. Dreaming is a common human experience. A few people receive revelation (ilham) and even do experience a little and turbid knowledge of the Unseen but these communications are few and far between and disclosure of the Unseen matters is ambiguous and obscure. Reasoning and rationale (aql-i saleem) demand that a person who is granted clear revelation and knowledge of the Unseen, free from impurities and flaws, should not be bracketed with people having common and insignificant experience of this phenomenon and should be called by specific name so as to differentiate them from the rest. Therefore, God has given me a distinctive status in calling me ‘prophet’. This is an award of honour bestowed on me to distinguish me from the rest. I am thus a prophet in this sense as well as a follower (ummati) so that the prophecy of our Master and Guide that the coming Messiah will be a follower as well as a prophet, comes true. Otherwise, how could prophet Jesus about whose second advent people are relying on false hopes and vain aspirations can be a follower (ummati) of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)? Would he after descending from heaven, become a Muslim first or would our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), cease to be the Last Prophet (Khatam al-Anbiya)! Peace be on him who follows the guidance!


Ghulam Ahmad

May 23, 1908″

This was written in Muhammad Ali’s famous book, Prophethood in Islam (1915).
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