This is the famous announcement by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (MGA) on Nov. 1901.  This is where MGA and his team finally claimed prophethood, after denying it for 10 years.  MGA was accused by the ulema of claiming prophethood in 1891, however, as well know, MGA lied and said that he wasn’t claiming prophethood.  However, the ulema didn’t believe MGA, and rightfully so.  Check out this essay for additional data:

The scan work
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Mahmud Ahmad and his friends must have known that there was an issue with the prophethood of MGA and the soon-to-be Lahori-Ahmadis.  He must have issued the order to re-publish this announcement.  The Anjuman Ansar ullah qadian has got it printed from Allah Buksh Press qadian.

Check out the english version here: