Ahmadi’s are always crying that they get called Qadianis and this and that.  They are taught to play the persecution card to the public.  However, they were only called Qadianis since there were initially two main groups of Ahmadis, the Lahoris and the Qadianis.  But Ahmadiyya leadership won’t stop, they continue to cry about persecution that isn’t even really happening, Ahmadis enjoy good jobs in Pakistan and blend in with the Desi environment.  It is only when Ahmadi’s break the law and start giving out literature, that’s when being an Ahmadi in Pakistan becomes an issue.

In the video in the below, the Ahmadi-mullah, Azhar Haneef, explains how he was invited to a Lahori-Jalsa in the country of Suriname in 2015 and he was shocked to see the slow death of the Lahori-Ahmadis. He commented how NO ONE shows up for Salaat and etc. However, he forgets to mention that any Ahmadi mosque in the USA, there are barely 2-3 people that show up for Isha on a Monday night. The truth is that the Lahori-Ahmadis are vanishing fast, most likely because of their liberal version of Islam, plus, they don’t worship the Mirza family like the Qadianis, and thus they aren’t brainwashed fools. They are free to live. Lahori-Ahmadis are the better version of Ahmadiyya, they realized that MGA and his family were corrupt, as early as 1909 and were trying to stop the Mirza family from turning Ahmadiyya into a family business, however, they failed.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Qadianis in America, the UK, Germany and Canada are also vanishing

The real reason that Azhar Haneef was making these comments is because he was at the West Coast Jalsa Salana, and the young-american-born-Ahmadis (qadianis) are also vanishing and not just America, in Canada, Germany, the UK and other places in the west. They are leaving Ahmadiyya silently, just like the Lahori-Ahmadis. Azhar Haneef was commenting on this topic, he was urging young Qadiani-Ahmadis to worship their Khalifa, and thus remain hooked into Ahmadiyya. However, the truth is, young-american-born-qadiani-ahmadis don’t care about any Khalifa, they are modernized and utilize critical thinking, and thus are leaving ahmadiyya fast.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________This is why Ahmadiyya (qadiani-version) is reliant on immigration

Without immigration, Ahmadiyya in the west is dead. It is the immigrant Ahmadis, the asylum cases, they are the people who drive the jamaat, they are the ones who pay the chanda and force their kids to attend silly jamaat events and etc. It is the immigrant Ahmadi’s who work day and night on behalf of the Mirza family aka Khilafat
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Qadiani-Ahmadis have been persecuting Lahori-Ahmadis for 100 years and calling them Kafir

It is important to note that in terms of persecution, the Qadianis have hated their Lahori brethren for over 100 years, they even called them by many disrespectful epithets like “Paghamis” and etc. In fact, in 1916, Mirza Bashir Ahmad indirectly called them Kafirs as he declared that any Muslim who rejects the prophethood of MGA was a Kafir.  

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