A young Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (age 25) squandered his families pension money and was punished by never being able to see his mother again. We are able to deduce this by reading the autobiography of MGA’s mother, Charagh Bibi, which was written in the english ROR of March, April and May of 1922. It is attached in the below for a free download. It is the story of MGA’s mother, the Ahmadi writer’s totally left out the pension story and didn’t explain as to why MGA was forced to go to Sialkot to work. It was because MGA squandered the pension money in 1864. This essay only talks about how MGA’s mother was dead, and a servant (Miran Bakhsh), was sent to bring MGA home in 1868. It should be noted that MGA hadn’t been home for 4 years, not even for Eid. After reading this autobiography, we are thus sure that MGA was on punishment by his father.

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Ahmadi Mother of Promised Messiah
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