Ahmadiyya is a cult, Afzal Upal has described them perfectly as “moderate-fundamentalist”.  The Qadiani branch of Ahmadi’s are very hard on their women, they don’t allow much freedoms, women can’t vote in local jamaat elections and can never be a total-local jamaat president, they are relegated to Lajna and Nasiraat, which are auxiliaries, and work independently of the main core of the jamaat. In fact, in Rabwah, all women are forced to walk around town in full niqaab, similar to how the Taliban force covering up onto their women. Recently, an Ahmadi-mullah spoke disparagingly about the Lahori-Ahmadis and how they have allowed their women to choose when it comes to Hjiaab. Interestingly, MGA allowed his young wife to walk around freely without Hijaab. MGA’s wife even boasted of being Noorudin’s escort aka laundi.

What did MGA write about 4:34?  What about Nooruddin?  And Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad?

Most Ahmadi’s have never read the books of MGA, they are ignorant of what MGA wrote on many topics. They are unaware, that the Qadiani branch of Ahmadiyya is based on the interpretations of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, who ended up becoming the 2nd Khalifa of the cult in 1914. We are asking/demanding to see what MGA wrote on 4:34? Why are Ahmadi’s hiding this? Then we want to see what Noorudin wrote.  And then finally, we need to see what their Musleh Maud wrote aka Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In the video, Mirza Masroor Ahmad quoted MGA, without reference, and Mirza Nasir Ahmad

“”The Promised Messiah said: People are insisting on the relaxation of Purdah, like in Europe, but this is not all appropriate.  It is this very freedom of women which is the root cause of evil and disobediance”.

“Quoting, the 3rd Khalifa, 

“””Today some seek permission to do away with Pardah, but then they will also ask to swim naked in the sea’s and to lay on beaches, then they will also ask to bare children out of wedlock.  I will then ask them to go straight to hell. “””
Enjoy the video, its from reason of faith.   

The video that proves it

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