Per MGA, the quran uses harsh words towards stupid people. So why do Ahmadi’s cry on social media when we call them stupid? It’s very ironic. Nonetheless, Ahmadi’s classically don’t even acknowledge our counter-arguments on a variety of issues. The problem here is that Ahmadi’s have been taught to be stubborn and never open minded. Its a desi-type problem, since they are raised in a world where critical thinking is never used. We have already responded to this one-liner here:

I recently came across yet another brainwashed-idiot of an Ahmadi from Rabwah. He didn’t know about Sir Syed and how Sir Syed invented the argument that Esa (As) was dead and never returning. He won’t admit to anything…he tried to disagree later on, however, he forget that even Ahmadiyya literature tells us that Sir Syed influenced Noorudin and Abdul Karim. Nonetheless, he goes on to present some other references in terms of the end of prophethood. He quotes from B.A. Rafiq’s book on Ahmadiyya, which can be found here:  However, he doesn’t know that BA Rafiq took this from Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad and his line of argumentation after the split.
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Hazrat Imam Muhammad Tahir has stated in his book, Majmaul Bihar:

“””The saying of Hazrat Ayesha that Muslims should call the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, Khataman Nabiyyeen, but should not say that there would be no prophet after him, had reference to the advent of the Promised Messiah. The direction given by Hazrat Ayesha is not in contradiction with the hadees: ‘There will be no prophet after me’; for the meaning of the Holy Prophet was that there would be no prophet after him who would abrogate his law.”””
But Ahmadi’s purposely overlook the context

Who is Muhammad Tahir and what is this book Majmaul Bihar?  Why have’t Ahmadi’s went back and researched all of this? The answer…stupidity. What were the full beliefs of Muhammad Tahir? What did he write in terms of 33:40?  4:69?  4:157–159?

Will Ahmadi’s ever answer these questions?
Before we proceed, we need answers to these questions.
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