We have recovered yet another story from the infamous “Zikr-e-Habib” book that was written by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq over 80 years ago. In this story, MGA shows his true habits and his true purpose, i.e. to favor Ahmadi’s that give excessive amounts chanda (charity) over those who were poor. This is the story of Shaikh Rahmatullah, who paid to get the Bait-ud-Dua built all by himself in 1903. MGA favored him and his son. Interestingly, in 1914, he became a Lahori-Ahmadi and shunned the Mirza family.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The story
ZIKR E HABIB PAGE 65 under the caption 
“”””Once while playing in the house of Huzur (MGQ), Children had a quarrel. The son of Ghulam Hussain Owen man, (a poor), has uttered obnoxious word for the Son of Shaikh Rehmatullah 
(a rich man and a big chanda payer). The son of Shaikh sb complained to hazrat sahib (MGQ). Hazrat Sahib punished the son of Ghulam Hussain, the Roti baker, with few slaps on his face. Wife of Ghulam Hussain could not control his emotions, she expressed her anger against this act of Hazrat Sahib (MGQ) before husband in objectionable manners. HAZRAT sahib (MGQ), ordered Ghulam Hussain to immediately leave the Qadian with family. He remained out of Qadian for two years before his apology was accepted and he was allowed to return.”””

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