Ahmadi’s break the law all the time. For them it’s nothing, they will do whatever their mullahs ask them to do. This report is from the Daily Ummat of Rwp, May 9th-2018.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Summary of this news report

District administration has closed 24 illegal Qadiani Centres after publishing of News in daily Ummat Karachi, an esteemed newspaper of the country. These Centres were opened by the Qadianis without any permission and registration with local authorities.

Area residents were protesting against these unlawful activities of Qadianis under the patronage of former Qadiani District Police Officer Waqas Nathoka and SHO Azmat Joiya. Area residents complained that Qadianis are involved in the espionage activities of sensitive Atomic installations in the area. Local authorities came into action after persistent protests.

Muslims all over the country welcomed this timely action by the authorities. Qadianis, as usual are making, hue and cry that they are being persecuted.

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