Our team of writers here on this blog have written extensively on the truth about Dr. Salam, he turned on his fellow Pakistani’s and gave all of his work to European nations, and he did this per the instructions of the Ahmadiyya movement.  Further, its most likely that Dr. Salam was a closet-atheist who remained loyal to Ahmadiyya simply out of respect for his parents.  Moreover, he never wrote in support of any Ahmadi arguments.  He never wrote about Jesus in India, the eclipses or any other scientific phenomenon that Ahmadiyya claims.

NOTE: these photos were publically tweeted and posted on Facebook, they can be found by a simply google search:

Some scientists are crazy and won’t listen
In America, we had Jack Parsons, who was a crazy scientist with weird beliefs, just like Abdus Salam.  He was also shunned.

Abdus Salam is like Snowden, to Pakistani’s
This is the proper equivalent.  Snowden was a traitor.  Also similar is how German’s came to the USA after WW-2 and helped the USA with their rocket program.

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