My team and I have found a Thesis that was written about the Ahmadiyya Movement in 1970.  It specifically highlights the Ahmadiyya community in Kababir. The PDF’s are upside down, remember to rotate them. This blog has posted many rare articles on Ahmadiyya, we will continue to do so. We also provide opinions on the data that we find. Read about the history of Ahmadiyya in Israel herein.

He explains how, by 1970, the population of Kababir had swelled to 750 people, men, women and children (600 Ahmadi’s, 50 Muslims, and 100 Christians, see Register). He also mentions Abdullah Odeh as the secretary of the Ahmadiyya Mosque. Register also told the world that only Muslims convert to Ahmadiyya and he has never heard of any Christian or Jew who converted to Ahmadiyya in Israel. He mentions another member of the Odeh family as working as the “headmaster” in the late 1960’s, Falah Al-Din Odeh. Only 2 of the teachers of this school have a college education. Ray Register also explains how the Odeh family doesn’t marry their cousins. Register explains how in Kababir, Christians are tenets and Ahmadi’s are the land owners. He came in to contact with 2-3 Qadiani-Ahmadi Maulvi’s, Sheikh Jalal Al-Din Qumir,
Sheikh Ulahi Bashir (the brother of the previous murrabi)(he actually allowed Register to come to Kababir) and Sheikh Bashir Al-Din Abid Allah.

1—It seems that the entire village population of Muslims in Kababir converted to Ahmadiyya in the early 1930’s. This story is fishy. We need more data on why and etc. Jalal ud din Shams was the missionary/vicious Ahmadi-mullah and he had came from Damascus where he was almost killed.

2—In 1970, the Ahmadiyya policy in Israel was that of neutrality, they never spoke up in terms of the human rights violations of the Israeli government.

3—Ahmadi’s had segregated themselves from the local Muslim Community on a social level.

4—It should be noted that the headquarters of the Bahai religion can be found less then a few miles from the Ahmadiyya center in Kababir, it is located in the greater city area of Haifa.

5—There also seems to be a small community of Baptist-Christians in Kababir. They seem to have worked with Ahmadiyya over the past 10+ years and til today in 2018. Register notes that NO muslims have ever converted to the Baptist type of Christianity.

6—Ray Register was a Baptist preacher that was sent from America to Kababir in 1964, he thus has an amazing vantage point and is neutral. Ray register spent 5 years in Israel as a Baptist missionary, mostly outside of Kababir, he thus came into contact with Muslims of Israel as well as Ahmadis.

7—Register quotes Farquhar as he explains the creation of the Ahmadiyya Movement.  However, what Register didn’t know was that in 1915 Farquhar had written that MGA died of cholera. Register quotes the same book, which is “Modern Religious Movements in India” (1915).  Farquhar also edited Walter’s historic book on Ahmadiyya, which was published in 1918.

8—Register makes a few errors, first he thinks that the ROR started in 1892, which is wrong, it started in 1902. He also asserts that MGA read out his lecture, “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” (1896), which is wrong Maulvi Abdul Karim read it out. And in fact, Khwaja Kamaluddin didn’t think it was a good paper (see Truth about the Split” {1924}).

9—Register writes that Christians weren’t attracted to MGA’s new set of beliefs, however, Sunni Muslims were, since MGA offered some arguments vs. Christianity.

10—Register writes that MGA died of an intestinal disorder, he got this from Walter, however, he totally ignores the comments of Farquhar.

11—Register mentions how Zafrullah Khan boycotted the funeral of Jinnah.

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Kababir, Register, beginn to 23
Kababir, Register 24 to 50
Kababir, Register, page 51 to end (1)
Kababir page 28
Kababir, page 68
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