Dr. Griswold wrote extensively about Ahmadiyya, his work was the first ever academic review.
It was published in 1902, from Ludhiana, Punjab, British-India. The English edition of the Review of Religions of 1905, mentioned Dr. Griswold’s book and even appreciated it. Read our full entry on Dr. Griswold here.

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The Muslim World 1912 Griswold
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GRISWOLD, H.D. – “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad: The Mehdi Messiah of Qadian.” Lodiana, India, American Tract Society. 1902.

GRISWOLD, H.D. 1905 – “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad: The Mehdi Messiah of Qadian.” A Contemporary Book on the controversial Claims of the Ahmadiyya Sects founder regarding the fabricated “Jesus in India” story.

H.A. Walter’s, “”The Ahmadiya Movement”” (1918)