In fact, the english ROR of Oct 1905 talks about this book. See pages 400-402. Apparently, this entire book or the older book by Griswold from 1902 was read out at the Victoria Institute, or Philosophical Society of Great Britain, London, on May 15th, 1905. Muhammad Ali, who was the editor of the ROR comments that Dr. Griswold did give a proper description of the claims of MGA. Read our full entry on Dr. Griswold here.

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This is a Book form 1905 which mostly deals with the Ahmadiyya Fabrication that Jesus traveled to India.

Most notably it highlights that the source which the Ahmadiyya Founder referenced to, Nicolas Notovitch’s “Unknown Life of Christ” (which is not accepted to be authentic by any serious scholar), when claiming that Jesus Traveled to India also mentioned that Jesus did so between the age of 12 and 30. And that the Mirza conveniently ignored that fact when claiming that Jesus Came to India after crucification and died there at the age of 120.

It also mentions the claim by the Ahmadiyya Founder to know the receipe of the “Ointment of Jesus” which was used to “fully heal” Jesus from his crucification wounds.

It also questions why Jesus for all other Parts of the world would have chosen to travel to India.

It also highlights the obvious flaw in the Mirzas claim of beeing the Mahdi and Messiah at the same time.

It also informs the reader that by claiming that Jesus survived the crucification the Ahmadis accuse Jesus and Christianity of Fraud and fabrication of a Miracle, by claiming Jesus was raised from death.

This is an interesting read.

The Book is available as PDF from:

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