In 1992, Mirza Tahir Ahmad had a book published called, “Islam’s response to Contemporary Issues”.  This actually came from a speech that he delivered on February 24, 1990 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London.  It was another typical Ahmadi marketing event.  The “About” section was probably in the original paperback which was published in 1992.  Hence, this gives up a snapshot of how Ahmadiyya was presenting itself to the world in terms of numbers.  As you can see, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was marketing himself to the world as a nation of 10 million.  In this book, they boast that Mirza Tahir Ahmad was “he was a homeopathic physician of world fame” and:

“””Though he had no formal education in philosophy and science, he had a philosophical bent of mind and tackled most difficult and abstruse theological-philosophical questions with great acumen and ease and his intellectual approach was always rational and scientific.  For a layman he had an amazingly in-depth knowledge of science, especially life sciences which attracted him most. He also had deep knowledge of human psychology. His was an analytical mind of high intelligence—an intellect scintillating with brilliance, capable of solving knottiest problems with ease, leaving his listeners and readers spellbound”””

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