Watch my video, wherein I open the World Christian Encyclopedia and show how Ahmadi’s lie and are academically dishonest.

This encyclopedia is extremely biased, it gives little to NO references at all. There is a section about Pakistan wherein Ahmadis are mentioned, feel free to view that, there isn’t any significant data there that is of use in this essay.

1.  This book reports 70k Ahmadis in 1900. That is not true, no Ahmadi source ever reported that. In fact, the 1901 British-India census came back at roughly 11,000 Ahmadis in British India. MGA had Ahmadis as a separate column on the census, hence, he wanted to be separate from Islam. There were additional censuses in 1911, 1921, and 1931 Ahmadis were never more then 60k.

Feel free to read Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s legal testimony in 1974, wherein the census of the Ahmadis was ripped to shreds. 1.

2.  2.6 million Ahmadi’s in 1970??? The book then asserts that there was 2.6 million Ahmadis by 1970, however, there is no reference at all.

3.  5.7 million Ahmadi’s in he mid-1990’s??? The book then reports that there were 5.7 million Ahmadis by the mid-1990’s. This is another lie, in fact, in 1984 and 1989, Mirza tahir Ahmad was reporting 10 million worldwide, which was an inflated number. So even per Ahmadiyya records, this is wrong.

4.  The book then goes on to explain in terms of how many Ahmadis were born in 1990-2000, it gives the number at 156k. However, this is a lie, Ahmadiyya records have never published this at all. Where did they get this number from?? Obviously, the scholarship of this book is in question. It also claims 60k converts in this same period, another claim without a shred of evidence. It then reports 200k new Ahmadis from 1990-2000, that is totally at odds with the official Ahmadiyya reporting on this topic (see in the above). In fact, this is where the growth rate is listed, and they seem to indicate that Ahmadiyya grew at a rate of 3.25, however, just underneath, the same book reports that “Other sectarian Muslims” grew at a rate of 3.46.  So even per the book, Ahmadiyya was not the fastest growing group of Muslims.

5.  The book itself never claims that Ahmadiyya is the fastest growing sect of any type. It simply gives a graph of figured on the first few pages, and thus, any inference can be made from the data. In this case, the data given is inaccurate to begin with, thus the conclusions are erroneous and academically dishonest.

Scan from the book

In the below, I give you a chronological list of the Ahmadi census reports since 1889. I will also cover the data that was given by the World Christian Encyclopedia (WCE). You will also find the comments of overzealous Ahmadi’s after 2006 who were academically dishonest. You will also see how as soon as Mirza Nasir Ahmad took over, he began to spread the rumor that there were 10 million Ahmadis, aka 1-crore. Almost all Ahmadi publications and utterances since 1965 have reported 10 million Ahmadis in the whole world. You will then see how Mirza Tahir Ahmad took over in 1982 and continued to peddle the 10 million number, all the way to 1989. Then, in the second 100-years of Ahmadiyya, he lied about the number of converts and specifically in 2001 he was claiming 40 million converts alone from India to Ahmadiyya. In 2003, when the new Khalifa took over, he slowly lowered the number of Ahmadi’s in the world and refused to address the issue. By 2020, he lied and claimed 120,000 people converted to Ahmadiyya, of which 80% were from Africa, and none from Pakistan.


Ahmadiyya sources claim that there 40 people who did a bait with MGA in 1889 in Ludhiana, however, the original register of bait’s went mysteriously missing.

MGA claims to have 313 members only, however, he didn’t count his wife and kids (See Dard, page 844).

MGA was claiming 7,000 followers in an announcement, see Hani Tahir’s video. The announcement is only found in Majmua Ishtiharat, no other piece of Ahmadi literature has regurgitated this announcement.

In Anjam e Athim, MGA was claiming to have 5000 Ahmadi’s.

Scan of Anjam e Atham, also Da‘wat-e-Qaum (Invitation to the Nation)

In another announcement, MGA claims 1000 followers:
May 19, 1897


In MGA’s book, “The Importance of the Imam” or “Zaroorat-ul-Imam“. MGA reports 318 total Ahmadi’s (see page 76). At the time he was dealing with the British authorities in terms of the famous “income-tax-case”. MGA was eager to show his followers as very few, he was doing this as a strategy to win the case. MGA was forced to pay 187 rupees, however, this was a Hindu officer and MGA appealed to higher authorities, a british officer was assigned to the case and MGA was given tax exempt status immediately. MGA was above the law in British-India, anytime a Hindu judge/officer would catch MGA doing something wrong, the British would step in and absolve MGA of all wrongdoing.

1898, from a book called, “AL-BALAGH YA FARYAD-E-DARD” or “The Message or a Cry of Anguish”

This book was written in 1898 and published in english, however, it wasn’t published in urdu and arabic until 1922 (Ahmadiyya Sources). In this book, MGA confesses to having accidentally told the British authorities that he only had 318 Ahmadi’s in his records. MGA claims that it was the first thing that came to mind, and thus erred (See Hani Tahir’s video). MGA then goes on to say that there are no less than 10,000 Ahmadi’s.
Jihad and the British government, online english edition, page 35

MGA claims to have 30,000 Ahmadi’s.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1901 census

Per the census, there were roughly 12,000 Ahmadi’s in India (see Griswold, 1912), out of the roughly 12,000 Ahmadi’s, 1,113 were Ahmadi’s in the Punjab, the United Provinces reported 931 Ahmadi’s and the Bombay presidency reported 10,000 Ahmadi’s (Griswold thought this number was exaggerated). Why would there be more Ahmadi’s in the Bombay area then in the Punjab?  Thus, this number is inaccurate (see Walter, Chapter VI). The Punjab census report confuses Imam ud Din with MGA See page 83, February 1903 edition, see the January 1903 edition for extended notes on the census of 1901.

November 1902, MGA’s letter to Piggot
MGA claims to have 100,000 followers.

In “I’jaz-e-Ahmadi”, in english as “Miracle of Ahmad”, MGA claims to have 100,000 followers.

1903–January, from the Review of Religions, page 41
150,000 Ahmadi’s are reported by the editors, Sher Ali, Muhammad Ali and Mufti Muhammad Sadiq. The Punjab census report confuses Imam ud Din with MGA See page 83, February 1903 edition, see the January 1903 edition for extended notes on the census of 1901.

Review of Religions–English
the January 1903 edition and page 83 of February 1903 edition

Al Hakam February 28th, 1903 pages 12 and 13 (pages 93 and 94 in the year 1903 pdf on AAIL link, link). The article is title “Census in Punjab and dangerous error about the Ahmadiyya sect” (In Urdu:”Murdam Shumaari Punjab aur firqa Ahmadiyya ke mutaaliq khaternaak ghalti”).

The first 1.5 columns (of total 4 columns) are about a possible discrepancy in the number of Ahmadis reported in Punjab. The census reported 113, but the author insists there are several hundred more.

By 1904, MGA was claiming 200,000 members of Ahmadiyya (see Griswold). In this same era, the number was advanced to 400,000. Later on in 1991, Mirza Tahir Ahmad claimed that most of these new Ahmadi’s came from the followers of the ahmadi martyr Maulvi Abdul Latif.  Abdul Latif was from Khost, Afghanistan. After 1906 these people were all missing, it was dubious to think of them as Ahmadi’s in the first place.

In a mysterious book named “Lecture Ludhiana”, first published in english in 2003, the original urdu version is totally missing. MGA and his team state that every month, 2-5000 bait forms show up in Qadian, and that currently, they have 300,000 Ahmadi’s (see page 13). Ahmadi sources claim that this was a speech of MGA in November of 1905, however, facts show something totally the opposite.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________May 1906 ROR

On page 178, the growth of the Ahmadiyya Movement is discussed, they claim 300,000 Ahmadi’s in the whole world. This article was written by Maulvi Muhammad Ali.

In the Review of Religions, January–1907 edition, page 22, in an essay about MGA entitled “The Messenger of the latter days”. They claim nearly 300,000 Ahmadi’s.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani Lied about his number of followers in Egypt  and received (self made-fake) congratulations on his number of followers growth in 1907 through a letter. In this book MGA gived the impression that his followed have expanded so much as are (more than) just like particulars and stones found in desert in 1907 – ( Reference :Roohani Khazyian 20-page 422 – Qadian Kay Aryiaa aur hum ) on foot notes by Quoting letter received on 23-January 1907 from (Egyptian) Ahmad Zahri Badaruudin. Mirza also got Quoted him (Egyptian) saying that “Hardly any Non follower of him (mirza) can be found “.

While Mirza Nasir Ahmad was at the NA hearings of 1974, it was reported that there weren’t anymore then 18,000 total Ahmadi;’s in the whole world, which proved that either MGA was wrong for claiming 400,000 or the British government wasn’t collecting proper census data.  In the 1924 and 1959 edition of “Ahmadiyyat, the true Islam”, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad wrote that in 1908, hundreds of thousands.  In fact, the 2007 edition of this book still says the same.  At the NA, it was shown that the British govt. had counted roughly 19,000 Ahmadi’s in 1908, when MGA died, Mirza Nasir said that this number was wrong.

ROR–July 1908
See page 257, “Ahmadi’s are not less then 300,000. This text was actually MGA’s book, “Message of Peace” or “Pagham-e-Sulh”, which was published posthumously. The first english edition published in Pakistan in 1968. The second edition (a completely new translation) published in UK in 1996 and the Present online edition (revised translation) published in UK in 2007. Nevertheless, the 2007 online english edition lists 400,000 Ahmadi’s instead of the 300,000 (see page 26) that MGA supposedly wrote and its a note by the publishers, however, it doesn’t tell what the original said.

Lepel Griffin’s 3rd edition of the Punjab Chiefs was published. It is listed on page 42, that the Ahmadiyya sect is claiming 300,000 members.


Griswold tells us that the 1911 census shows 18,695 Ahmadi’s in the Punjab only, he doesn’t give the number for UP or Bombay residency. This is totally in-line with the British government official records. The English-ROR of April 1911 discusses the census of 1911 and Ahmadi’s complain of not getting properly noted as Ahmadi’s in the census.

February 1914
The ROR of February 1914 quotes the L’ Islamisme newspaper, they write that there are 400,000 Ahmadi’s in the world (See page 77-78) in 1908, when MGA died.

October 1914
In an essay published in the ROR of Oct-1914, an Ahmadi writer writes that there are 400,000 Ahmadi’s in the world and growing rapidly.

January 1915
It is reported at the Jalsa of Dec-1914 that there were only 600 converts to Ahmadiyya from March to December 1914.

Walter writes that there are no more then 70,000 Ahmadi’s in the world (see Chapter 6).

The Review of Religions, October and November 1919 reports that 1640 new men have joined the Ahmadiyya Movement by entering into the Bai‘at of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih but the figures are not complete, as most of those who enter into the Bai‘at by coming to Qadian are not included in the above number. The above figure represents mostly those who send written applications for admission into the Ahmadiyya movement.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1921 census

Per the NA of 1974, there were only 30,000 Ahmadi’s in the British India. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, in his newspaper, the Muslim Sunrise, claims 700,000 Ahmadi’s in the world(see page 20).

By 1924, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was claiming 500,000 Ahmadi’s (see page 6). “Ahmadiyya, the True Islam”, which was published before hand and in England in 1924, which followed by many urdu and english editions. He claimed hundreds of thousands of Ahmadi’s.  Zafrullah khan read out the book, while the Khalifa watched.

Moslem Sunrise, April 1924 edition claims 700,000 Ahmadi’s
See page 67. Maulvi Muhammad Din (the new ahmadi missionary-in-charge-USA writes that Dr. Sadiq has caused Ahmadiyya to reach 700,000.

Addison writes, “The Ahmadiya Movement and Its Western Propaganda”, via The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. 22, No. 1 (Jan., 1929), pp. 1-32. On page  3, he erroneously claims that there were 50,000 Ahmadi’s by 1911, and guesses that there are “probably”  70,000 by 1918. He then comments that the 1921 isn’t yet available, but states that their population is decreasing.


Per the NA of 1974, there were only 56,000 Ahmadi’s in the British India.

1934–Al Fazl, the Khalifa comments on the Ahmadiyya census, he doesn’t oppose it
In the 1974 NA questioning, Yahya Bakhtiar quoted the Al-Fazl of 1934 and showed how the Khalifa agreed to the figure of 56,000 Ahmadi’s in 1931 and 30,000 in 1921.

1935, Review of Religions, July 1935 edition
The Khalifa claims that there are more than 56,000 Ahmadi’s in the whole world (see page 243).

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad comments on Ahmadi’s inflating their census
The Khalifa claims to have 200k Ahmadi’s in Pakistan and 400k at the most including outside of Pakistan. He also laments over why Ahmadi’s keep inflating their numbers to each other.

In “Our Foreign Missions”, page 18, a newspaper from 1953 is quoted as giving the Ahmadiyya global population at 500k.

–500k Ahmadi’s are reported in the entire world

During the 1954 Munir Enquiry, Ahmadiyya sources reported that there were 500,000 Ahmadi’s in the entire world. Of which half are in Pakistan.

From the encyclopedia of Islam

Ahmadiyya leadership reported 500k Ahmadi’s in the whole world with about half in Pakistan.  This came from the number that was given during the Munir Enquiry.

The Khalifa dies. The Ahmadiyya census topic has a new manager, the new Khalifa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad.

In a speech at the annual Jalsa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad told the Ahmadi’s of Rabwah that there were 10 million Ahmadi’s in the world. In a Friday Khutbah by Mirza Tahir Ahmad (MTA) in 1991, MTA claims that before he dies, he vows to make the communities membership to swell to 10 million and thus correct the error by Mirza Nasir Ahmad.

Ahmadi’s were purposely inflating their numbers in terms of the 1971 Presidential election. Ahmadi’s were showing themselves as an important bloc of voters and promised to vote for only one candidate (Bhutto), which 99% of Ahmadi’s did. Thus, Mirza Nasir Ahmad was claiming 10 million Ahmadi’s in 1971.

May of 1974, during a Friday Sermon, the Khalifa claims 10 million Ahmadi’s, with 4 million in Pakistan alone
After Azad Kashmir declared Ahmadi’s as a non-Muslim minority, the Khalifa openly lied.

1974-Mirza Nasir Ahmad in 1974 at the NA claimed 10 million Ahmadi’s in the world

Mirza Nasir Ahmad at the 1974, National Assembly testifying on oath about the number of Ahmadis


The Moslem Sunrise tells us that there are 10 million Ahmadi’s in the whole world, see page 9.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad becomes Khalifa and immediately tours Europe, Canada and the USA.

The March-1984 issue of the Moslem Sunrise reports 10 million Ahmadi’s worldwide (see page 25).

For the 100-year Jubilee, Mirza Tahir Ahmad made sure that all Ahmadiyya sources of information (books and magazines) kept giving the Ahmadiyya global membership number as 10 million, 1 crore in Urdu. However, this was a total lie, by 1991, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was acknowledging that his brother lied about this very topic in 1969 when he claimed 10 million Ahmadi’s then and there at a Jalsa (see the Foreward). Even the Review of Religions was claiming that there were 10 million in the world by 1989 (See page 4).

Mirza Tahir Ahmad gives an entire Friday Sermon on the topic of the Global Ahmadiyya membership number. He indirectly admits that his brother (the Khalifa, mirza nasir Ahmad) lied about having 10 million Ahmadis (1 crore) in 1969. Mirza Tahir Ahmad also indirectly admitted to not having 10 million Ahmadis, since in this speech he prays to have 10 million Ahmadi’s in his membership before he dies.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s famous book, “Islam’s response to Contemporary Issues” was published.  This book was actually a lecture that Mirza Tahir Ahmad did in the early part of 1990.  Nevertheless, in the “about the author” section, it is claimed that Mirza Tahir Ahmad has 10 million Ahmadis with him.

204,308 converts per Ahmadiyya sources (see the cover page). This number will double every year for the next 8 years. If we work the numbers backwards, we have roughly 9.6 million Ahmadi’s.

421,753 converts to Ahmadiyya are reported. Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s famous book, “Christianity,
A Journey from Facts to Fiction” was published. There is an “About the Author” section, just like in his previous book, in fact, it is a total copy of that. This book was republished with the same “about the author” section in 1996, 1997 and the current 2006 online edition. However, they were claiming 15 million Ahmadi’s by 1997. If we work that backwards, we have roughly 9.8 million Ahmadi’s total.

847,726 converts to Ahmadiyya are reported. Roughly 10.5 million Ahmadi’s by implication.

1,662,721 converts to Ahmadiyya are reported. 12 million total Ahmadi’s, by implication.

3,004,575 converts to Ahmadiyya are reported.15 million total. If you work the numbers backwards, they were claiming 15 million converts total, that means that there were 12 million total Ahmadi’s in 1996.

In fact, in June of 1998, the USA Jamaat published a souvenir, 50th-USA-Jalsa booklet, which was celebrating the 50th Jalsa Salana in the USA.

5,004,591 converts to Ahmadiyya are reported.

10,820,226 converts to Ahmadiyya are reported.

41,308,376 converts to Ahmadiyya are reported.


81,007,361 converts to Ahmadiyya are reported.


20,654,000 converts were reported.


200 million total Ahmadi’s are officially reported. 2 books by Mirza Tahir Ahmad are published posthumously, in the preface area, 10 million Ahmadi’s are written only. This seems to be a copy and paste job from his previous books, since it is identical.

This pie chart was on the official Ahmadiyya website, showing ridiculous conversion numbers, it was officially removed in 2006.

Kashif Chaudhry and company after 2007
Roughly after 2007, the fanatical Ahmadis seem to have found a new way to make it look like Ahmadis were growing, they seem to have read the World Christian Encyclopedia of 2001 and decided to twist the contents to make it look like Ahmadiyya was the fastest growing sect of Islam. Kashif Chaudhry then seems to have ran with and kept repeating this argument over and over again. Just recently, he mentioned it again, in this essay (, retrieved on 1-15-17) he seems to mention it again. However, it is an absolute lie. I came across this book some months ago and verified the contents.

Nicholas H. A. Evans was told that there were 80,000 to 200,000 Ahmadi’s in India, which is an exaggeration. He also reports that for 2008–09 there were 2,417 convert to Ahmadiyya from India (which was a lie, reported to him by employees of Ahmadiyya at Qadian) and 2,761 converts to Ahmadiyya from India in 2009–10.

The Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad reports only 112,000 Ahmadi’s converts from July 2019-2020. The Khalifa also reports converts per country for the first time, and thus reports that only 88 people converted to Ahmadiyya in Canada, 101 in America, 104 in Germany and 100 in the UK. However, these are all lies. In fact, 90% of these fake converts (112,000) come from Africa, which is a total farce.

At the 2021 #Ukjalsa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad has announced 125,221 new #ahmadi’s. Watch the full video herein (See at the 1:0:08 mark). This is a total lie. Last year, the Khalifa made a huge mistake and gave a breakdown, this is how we figured out that 90% of the alleged converts came from Africa, which is a lie! Nevertheless, the Khalifa also announced that Guinea-Conakry, which in reality, is the country of Guinea had the highest number of converts (the Khalifa said 25,000), this is totally absurd. Just last year, we did a thorough investigation of Ahmadiyya in Guinea and didn’t find a single Qadiani-Ahmadi mullah who was working in that country. The Khalifa even tried to confuse silly Ahmadi’s and call it Guinea-Conakry. Whereas, Conakry is the capital of Guinea, not a part of the name of the country itself.

#2 on the list is Cameroon, and it is also a total lie. In 2020, the Khalifa announced 13k converts from Cameroon, this is absurd, our research proves that there are less than 500 Ahmadi’s in call of Cameroon and only 1 Ahmadi mullah and like 2 Ahmadi temples. #3 is Sierra Leone. The Khalifa then proceeds to announce that all of these converts don’t include Pakistan. He then claims that Senegal is next on the list and goes to give 40-50 countries without giving the exact number of conversion. He did this purposely, since we were able to count up all the baits from last year and prove that 90% of the announced baits were faked from Africa.

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Mirza Tahir Ahmad announced 40 million converts to Ahmadiyya from India alone in 2001

In 1897, MGA and his team claimed to have 8000 Ahmadi’s in his ranks

Ahmadis always lie about conversions at the #Ukjalsa

The Ahmadiyya #JalsaUSA is a marketing event, more important than Hajj, for Ahmadis

Mirza Nasir Ahmad at the 1974, National Assembly testifying on oath about the number of Ahmadis

In 1921, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq claimed that there were 700,000 Ahmadis in the world

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad admits that Ahmadis lie about their membership numbers (1950)


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