Ahmadi’s are fanatical when it comes to tabligh/dawah (invitation to Islam), they were radicalized as such by the Mirza family. Islam doesn’t require that the average Muslim engage in lengthy and complicated debates on religion. However, in Ahmadiyya, its mandatory. In May of 1974, it was Ahmadiyya tabligh which caused the famous “Rabwah-train-attack” and which eventually got many Ahmadi’s killed, but the Mirza family doesn’t care. Nevertheless, Ahmadi’s claim that they needed to come to the USA to escape attacks on them and their places of worship, however, as we can see, everywhere Ahmadi’s go, there is turmoil, and its all related to aggressive marketing techniques aka tabligh by Ahmadis. In this story, the american press differs with the Khalifa, the newspapers report that this was a fight within the Ahmadiyya community, and between Ahmadi’s. It was a fight for power. This is from the Canton Observer, not an biased newspaper. The newspaper reports that Ahmadi’s were there in the home during the murder of Dr. Ahmad, however, it was kids playing in the street who were able to take down the license plate number of the car (see The Canton Observer). The police traced that license plate, it was registered to an Ahmadi mission house on Wyoming st, as the police arrived (just a few hours after the murder) it was engulfed in flames and 2 men were found dead inside.  Later on, the Khalifa contradicted this entire story by claiming that this was over tabligh. However, it seems like some new Ahmadi’s caused this entire scenario. This incident marked a clear distancing of the Ahmadiyya community from the African-American community in Detroit. I do believe it was very political. Many, many people were very frightened by this event, and eventually the Ahmadiyya community built another mosque outside of the city of Detroit. The mosque referred to in this article is no longer standing as of this year.

 Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad was an anesthesiologist at Wayne County General Hospital? He seems to be the average Ahmadi from Pakistan who thinks he owes his whole life to the Mirza family. He thinks that since he has been successful in life, with a good job, this was only possible through prayers and allegiance to the Mirza family. He was thus on a mission to re-pay his debts.  Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad was murdered on Aug 8th, 1983 by an African-American person who was invited to his home in Canton, MI (which is a suburb of Detroit) just 3 days before the annual Jalsa in 1983 (see page 62). Just 3 hours after the murder, the Ahmadi mission house was then set on fire. Mirza Tahir Ahmad tells us (in his friday sermon of Aug 12th, 1983, from Rabwah) that “black-muslims” was responsible for this murder and arson. Both of the “african-americans” died in the mosque, some how, they weren’t able to escape. Ahmadiyya sources called this murder as the first-ever Ahmadi to have been martyred on American soil (see page 42). Ahmadiyya sources claim that a Pakistani-Imam came to Detroit and incited these Muslims to murder. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that the murderers were Calvin Jones and William Kane. However, newspaper reports called this as in-fighting of a cult.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The 1983 USA Jalsa was cancelled by Oakland University

The university seems to have cancelled the Ahmadiyya Jalsa just a few days before it was supposed to begin. They cancelled it based on this internal murder. Mirza Tahir Ahmad then ordered the Jamaat to hold a 1-day convention.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Tahir Ahmad gives his Friday Sermon

Mirza Tahir Ahmad tadicalized Ahmadi’s. Ever since he had become Khalifa he was telling Ahmadi’s to be ready to sacrifice their lives for Ahmadiyya. He said that if Ahmadi’s weren’t willing to do this, then at a minimum they should be paying chanda and thus supporting the mirza family economically. Mirza Tahir Ahmad seems to have spun this entire story, in his normal fashion and made it look like a Pakistani-Mullah caused it. A few day later, on August 16th, the body of Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad was brought to Pakistan and the Khalifa led the janaza prayer (see page 6).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Ahmadi murrabi was punished?

Muhammad Afzal Mirza was fresh out of Jamia and was assigned to Chicago by the Khalifa.  He was later stripped of his employment with Ahmadiyya and finally apologized publically and thus was re-hired and still works as an Ahmadi murrabi in Canada. He was there at the house when the murder happened. He may have been disciplined since he somehow allowed this murder to happen. Mirza Afzal was a guest of Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Dr. Muzaffar’s wife write’s an account of her husbands murder

See page 22-24. She goes on to claim that these “African-American” men left Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad’s house and went to Laiq Butt’s house, and tried to ignite a bomb, but failed.

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