Ahmadis boast about their Conversion success and regularly write about conversions stories. But as soon as you dig a bit deeper, a whole new world opens up. One of such convert stories is about John Webster, who started out as a speaker at Hyde Park in London and who according to Bashir Ahmad Rafiq’s Biography was converted by him. Bashir Ahmad Rafiq was the former long-term Ahmadi missionary in London from mid 1960’s to the 90’s. He was in-charge of the biggest Ahmadiyya Branch abroad and responsible for spreading the Ahmadiyya Proaganda in England.

In his biography Bashir Ahmad Rafiq writes that he converted John Webster to Ahmadiyya

While this is all the Ahmadis want you know, the stories about John Webster are more interesting than Ahmadis want you to know and it is worthwhile to dig deeper into the Life of John Webster.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________According to a Wikipedia Article about John Webster:

He was during his life among other things: A communist, anti-semitic and later pro Jewish. He became Muslim to marry a persian woman, and later became Jew to marry a jewish woman, but also ** ” had a number of gay relationships”.**


He later moved to Australia, according to Ahmadiyya propaganda this was due to his conversion to Ahmadiyya. According to Ahmadiyya proaganda John Webster had to leave England after conversion to Ahmadiyya becouse he was attacked by Pakistani Muslims for becoming an Ahmadi. So even this case is used by AHmadis to claim prosecution in England.

“On the following Saturday a large number of Muslims from the Indo Pak Sub Continent came to the Hyde Park Corner. They tried to heckle Mr Webster and tried their best not to let him speak. However, their efforts ended in a total failure. Mr Webster continued to speak on Ahmadiyyat. The following few weeks were somewhat troublesome.

On one occasion, some Pakistani Muslims tried to physically assault Mr Webster. In a scuffle that followed two or three Ahmadi listeners received injuries. One of them was Muhammad Ilyas Nasir Dehlavi. In the hope that the conditions would once again become peaceful, the police asked Mr Webster to suspend his speeches for a while. Mr Webster refused and for the following few meetings the police were present in force. This situation continued for a whole year. After that Mr Webster migrated to Australia and settled there.”


In Australia his ashes were later scattered in a public park illegally.


Ahmadiyya sources of course have no interest about talking about John Webster further than his apparent signing of the Ahmadiyya membership forms. So whenver AHmadis claim that they have converted someone, it is worthwhile to ask “and what happened afterwards?”
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