Dear readers, we have already written about the first African-American-Ahmadi imam and proved how his “imamate” wasn‘t through passing Jamia or any other credentialed training academy, hence, he was never an imam proper, in fact, the majority of Ahmadi imam’s in the whole world were and are under-qualified in terms of Islam. However, unlike Rashid Ahmad, Mr. Kunze was always recognized as an Imam of Ahmadiyya. In terms of Mr. Kunze, all we know is that he was a NAZI tank captain, and seems to have been convinced by the British to join Ahmadiyya. Which further proves how the British helped Ahmadi’s behind the scenes. Mr. Kunze also seems to have known some english. In late 1949, the Khalifa allowed many foreign converts to Ahmadiyya to come to Rabwah and train as missionaries, Rashid Ahmad and Kunze were just a few, their were also Egyptian, Sudanese and Indonesian Ahmadi’s. There was yet another German-Ahmadi-imam in Nuremburg, his name was Dr. Mohammed Said aka Dr. Karl Koller, these Nazi’s seem to be escaping prosecution by the Allies.


Seems like Nazi and Ahmadiyya idiology are so closely alligned that these two Nazi Gentlemen were attracted by the Ahmadiyya sect.

The Ahmadiyya sect gave them VIP treatment including pakistani wives in order to lock them into the sect and both were used as missionaries in the US and Germany in order to lure in further white converts. But despite their prominent status in the Ahmadiyya sect and efforts by teh Ahmadiyya leadership, few years into the Ahmadiyya sec, both left the sect and that’s why you don’t hear anything about them from Ahmadiyya sources. Rafiq Ahmed Akhtar explains the story of Kunze herein. Rafiq explains how Kunze was a raging homosexual. Rafiq was related to him via marriage.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Rashid Ahmad is the first Ahmadi to discuss Mr. Kunze and his abandoning of Ahmadiyya

It should be important to note, the Ahmadiyya jamaat has purposely suppressed the majority of the data on Mr. Kunze. Rashid Ahmad also asserts that he was the first missionary from American and sent to America, not Mr. Kunze. Rashid Ahmad called him Maulawi Shukr-Ilahi. By 1992, they stopped mentioning him.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mr. Kunze was a NAZI

The Argus Magazine, May 2nd, 1955 tells us: 

“””Once a Nazi tank captain with Rommel’s Africa Corps, Abdush Shakoor Kunze now leads a peaceful band of Muslims. He was captured in the desert campaign, and, af (cr repatriation, accepted Islam and trained as a missionary in Pakistan.  He married a Muslim girl, and they have a three-year-old daughter, Muraraka (pictured above).”””
As soon as Mr. Kunze arrived in Rabwah, he was given an Ahmadi girl

These details are obscure, however, by the time he got to the USA in 1955, he already had a daughter. In aug of 1950, the nikkah was announced, as Kunze went on tour with the Khalifa.  As soon as Kunze returned from tour, he was married to his young Pakistani girl, Rashid Ahmad was married next. While they were on tour with the Khalifa, Mr. Kunze seems to have almost died while he contracted malaria.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Kunze didn’t complete the Jamia program

Rashid Ahmad seems to tell on everyone, he tells us that none of the non-pakistani-ahmadi-imams in training passed Jamia, yet, they were allowed to be employees/murrabis nevertheless.

Mr. Kunze was made the imam of the Chicago mosque. Later, he was transferred to Milwaukee.

Ahmadiyya mosques in Germany – How it all started

The history of #Ahmadiyya in #Germany

Kunze travelled to Germany and is part of the delegation that opens the Nuur Mosque.

The report that follows the headline explains how the inaugural reception of the mosque – held on 12 September 1959 – unfolded.

Chaudhry Abdul Latif Sahib, then missionary-in-charge of Germany, reports that the evening started with a message from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II being read out, followed by a message from the Wakilut Tabshir (then Mirza Mubarak Ahmad Sahib).

Ahmadi delegates from other European countries had travelled to attend the historic event among whom were Hafiz Qudratullah Sahib, Sheikh Nasir Ahmad Sahib, Abdul Hakim Akmal Sahib, Kamal Yusuf Sahib and Bashir Ahmad Rafiq Sahib.

Sir Zafrulla Khan – then vice president of the International Court of Justice – had travelled from The Hague to deliver the keynote address that evening.

The excitement and happiness of German Ahmadis was evident from the zeal and enthusiasm with which they attended the event; naturally so as they were the actual hosts in every sense of the term.

The press, with their cameras and spiral notebooks, showed special interest in covering the event; it made it to the headlines of most newspapers the following morning. A number of officials from Frankfurt authorities were invited and had gladly attended the event. The chief mayor of Frankfurt was unable to attend but had sent Mr Albrecht as his representative.

Chaudhry Zafrulla Khan in chair, the event started with recitation of the Holy Quran by Hafiz Qudratullah Sahib and followed by a welcome note readout by Chaudhry Abdul Latif Sahib. Abdul Shakoor Kunze – a German Ahmadi Muslim – delivered a speech and explained with great eloquence what it meant to be a Muslim.

Mr. Kunze is mentioned in “Our Foreign Missions”, by Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, see page 43-44.


Kunze is mentioned in a Catholic newspaper. It was called the Catholic Transcript, and in the June 3rd, 1965 edition, we have:

Moslem Sunrise, 1975 edition, see page 13

Rashid Ahmad is mentioned as a missionary, as well as Kunze. However, by 1975, Rashid Ahmad seems to be the National Ameer.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Kunze is mentioned in the Moslem Sunrise in 1976

Kunze is mentioned as a missionary on page 13.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Kunze is mentioned in 2015, “A History of Conversion to Islam in the United States, Volume 1: White American Muslims Before 1975” Book by Patrick D. Bowen

See pages 302-303, Rashid Ahmad is also mentioned.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Some additional scan work

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