The Mirza family aka Ahmadiyya INC normally hire a local in any country once they wish to open up a business center (masjid, hospital or school). First, they send a murrabi in the hopes that he can convert at least one native person to Ahmadiyya. He then searches for a local, someone who is down and out on his luck and in some financial problems. Once this person converts, they begin to prepare him to be an Imam and thus establish validity in any said country. This is exactly what they did in Africa, but remember, the Pakistani’s will always remain in-charge. The second and final African-American Ahmadi imam is Azhar Haneef, he went on Hajj with Rashid Ahmad and many other African-American-Ahmadi’s. Nevertheless, in the story of Rashid Ahmad, you will find a criminal who found an easy job and thus took advantage. He lived a life of luxury after he became an Ahmadi. He was given women, and job security. It seems that he may not been a Murrabi, instead a trusted employee, since he is never mentioned in any jamaat publication as a Murrabi. He also sheds light on some other famous Ahmadi converts turned imams._____________________________________________________________________________________________Where did they find Rashid Ahmad?

The details of his life were obscure until Ahmadiyya INC published a book about this man’s life.  Rashid Ahmad was born as Rudolph Thomas in East St. Louis on March 26, 1923. He grew up around shootings, killings, alcohol abuse and widespread gambling. His father was fond of woman-chasing and ran illegal loads of alcohol through many states and etc. He would even lie to the police regularly. His parents never married each other and barely spent time with each other. As soon as his mother got some money, she left her children and worked in bars and etc all over the southern states all the way up to New York.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________He graduated highschool in 1942 and voluntarily lived on the streets and did crime

He was a petty thief for 3 years.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1945, he moves to Chicago

He wore flashy clothes in an attempt to get women’s attention, he would then turn those girls into prostitutes and then act like their manager.

After running the streets for 1 year, he meets Ahmadi muslims close to their Chicago mosque, Al-Sadiq Mosque, on Wabash Ave, which was the headquarters of Ahmadiyya in the USA for a long time.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In 1946, the Ahmadi imams smoked cigarettes afghani-style

Rashid Ahmad says:

“””I also noticed some Punjabi Pakistanis who inhaled their cigarettes in an unusual fist formation with the cigarette sticking out the other end of the fist – a kind of hand-hookah method I surmised was unique for smoking opium. They would hold their fist to their mouths and inhale the smoke from the cigarette, which would stick out from between their ring finger and pinky at a 45 degree angle. I was determined to get to the bottom of this moneymaking
scam, so I kept coming back at all the times for prayers (page 18)”””

He formally joins Ahmadiyya. He was previously sleeping on benches. Now, he is allowed to sleep in the mosque and to use Ahmadiyya facilities. He went on a preaching mission to Zion this year too.

He writes to the Khalifa asking to become a missionary.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________December 1949

He begins his travel towards Rabwah, Pakistan and is considered an israeli spy. He eventually arrives in Karachi and reaches Rabwah a few days later, on Dec 24, 1949, as few days before the 1949 Rabwah-Jalsa, the first ever in Rabwah. The Khalifa admires his beard and tells other young Ahmadi’s to grow a similar beard.

After spending some time in Rabwah, most likely in religious classes, on June 4th, Rashid Ahmad travels with the Khalifa on a tour of Quetta, Sindh and Karachi. He related how the Khalifa could barely walk as a result of gout and had terrible health. He also tells how the Khalifa was on a Pakistani military destroyer ship. This was the first time any Khalifa was given this honor. Apparently, an Ahmadi naval officer arranged for it. Later on, we would see how Ahmadi officers in the Pakistani military have preferential treatment to Ahmadi’s and the Mirza family. He also mentions how the Khalifa was always meeting people in terms of his private business endeavors.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________September 1950

Rabwah was flooded out.  Instead of returning to Rabwah, the Khalifa and his family went to Lahore and stayed there for a few weeks.

October 1950
After 4 months on the road and living with the Khalifa, Rashid Ahmad and the Khalifa finally returned to Rabwah.

On Oct. 25th, 1950
Rashid Ahmad failed his arabic exam at Jamia. In fact, almost all Ahmadi missionaries from abroad were never taught proper arabic, and the pakistani’s barely know it as well.

November 1950
After about 10-12 months in Rabwah, the Khalifa marries Rashid Ahmad to Sara Qudsia (she died in 2003 in rabwah), the daughter of an Ahmadi murrabi-teachers, Muhammad Ibrahim Khalil. They married on November 14, 1950. The Khalifa came to the wedding ceremony on crutches, he seems to have been unable to walk in those days. The Khalifa also complained of suffering from heat stroke (See Aaqa ka Ghulam, at the 1:06:40 mark). The Khalifa also admitted to having asaal (diarrhea).

Rashid Ahmad accompanied the Khalifa almost everywhere that he’s went in this era. Their first child was born in 1952, the second in 1953 and the third in 1954. These were all back-to-back pregnancies, no breaks.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________November 1952

Rashid Ahmad gets into a dispute with the Khalifa about another missionary of the Ahmadiyya movement. It is unclear what this is all about. Nevertheless, the Khalifa stops speaking to Rashid Ahmad, they eventually reconciled.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________March–May 1953

This entire section is left blank. This is unbelievable, since even 2 sons of the Khalifa were arrested and subsequently released.

June 1953
He goes on tour with the Khalifa again, towards Sindh yet again.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________January 1954

15th of January 1954, Rashid Ahmad travels to Lahore with the Khalifa. The Khalifa was being questioned as part of the 1953 riots on Ahmadiyya via the Munir Enquiry. The Ahmadi women of various jamaat’s asked the Khalifa if they could see the German Ahmadi missionary (Kunze) in training as well as the american, and the Khalifa allowed it.

March 10th, 1954
Rashid Ahmad stood directly behind the Khalifa during prayers. However, on this day he was absent, since his wife was in delivery of their 3rd child. A young boy stood in his place and stabbed the Khalifa in the back. By 2018, the whereabouts of the boy are unknown.

December 1954
He returns to the USA, he arrives into NY with his wife and 3 children, 3 Ahmadi imams meet him and receive him. The very next day he is sent to St. Louis, his wife and and children stay in NY.  As he finished his studies, he admitted that he barely learned Islam, in fact, he said that most foreign ahmadi missionaries in this era didn’t fully complete their study programs, which means that they failed, but were passed nevertheless.

While in St. Louis, one of the imams (Maulvi Ghulam Yasin) who had received Rashid Ahmad in NY, he was also the uncle of Rashid Ahmad’s wife, he immediately took her back to Pakistan and forbade Rashid Ahmad from communicating with her. This condition lasted for 12 years.

He secures tax-exemption status for the Ahmadiyya movement, thus eliminating the need to pay property tax. He also tells how there were lots of Ahmadi’s living in the mission house in St. Louis.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________July 1960

He appears in an african-american newspaper as a convert to Islam. He also demonstrates Wudhu.

He marries again, while still married to the girl in Pakistan. He married Aziza Ahmad and she is the daughter of two pioneers of Ahmadiyyat in St. Louis, Usman and Amina Khalid, they had 4 children, have four children, Mojahida, Munir, Wadud, and Ghaniyya. This is an example of an Ahmadi murrabi in the past 60 years participating in a polygamous relationship. They had their first child in September of 1963. The rest of the children were born in 67, 69 and 74.

Rashid Ahmad returns to Rabwah, he hadn’t seen his wife and kids for almost 12 years. He goes to his wife’s house and is immediately asked to leave by another uncle of Rashid Ahmad’s wife. This uncle tells Rashid Ahmad that he is divorced and has no rights to this woman.  The jamaat then sets up an inquiry into this matter.
____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1969

His eldest son dies in Pakistan, he was only 17 years old. Rashid Ahmad was not allowed by Ahmadiyya INC to go to Rabwah for mourning.

Rashid Ahmad was an Ahmadiyya missionary and the Jamaat President for the USA.

He meets with Bhutto in the USA and discusses Ahmadiyya persecution.

Moslem Sunrise, 1975 edition, see page 13
Rashid Ahmad is mentioned as a missionary, as well as Kunze. Rashid Ahmad seems to be the Nationa Ameer. He isn’t listed as a current missionary.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________After 1976

He seems to have been relieved of all of his duties as a missionary or as a President, he isn’t mentioned in any jamaat publications either.

Rashid Ahmad relates the murder of a young african-american-ahmadi:

“””In 1986 an Ahmadi youth was murdered in Zion, Illinois. His name was Fahim Ahmad and he was the son of an Ahmadi couple, Mr. and Mrs. Hanif and Nafia Ahmad (Laeeqa Ahmad was Fahim’s stepmother). The murderer was a Caucasian man, Joey Isbell, who was harassing young black boys in Shiloh Park. He was shaking the bikes as the boys were riding them and flashing a gun at them. Fahim said that he was not afraid of him nor his gun. The murderer then shot him at point blank range with a .357 caliber gun. Fahim died on the spot. Inna Lillahi wa inna Ilayhi raji‘un. He was 16 years old.”””

The Ahmadiyya Jamaat publishes, ‘Ahmadiyya in America“, Rashid Ahmad is not mentioned as a “currently-working” murrabi, in fact, he is not mentioned at all whatsoever.

The Ahmadiyya Jamaat publishes, “Mosques around the World”. In this book, only 6 current imams are mentioned as working in the USA, Rashid Ahmad is not mentioned.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1998, he performs Hajj

Rashid Ahmad says:

“””The following seven Ahmadi brethren accompanied me: Al-Haj Nasirullah Ahmad (who is currently the president of the Milwaukee Jama‘ah), Maulana al-Haj Azhar Haneef and his dear father al-Haj Abid Haneef, al-Haj Jalal Nuruddin, al-Haj Mustafa Abdullah, al-Haj Khalid Walid and al- Haj Rafiq Lake. I was the eldest of the group being 76 years old at the time. It is only by the sheer Grace of Allah that I was able to complete the Hajj without any issues.”””

These are quiet years for him, its unclear what he is doing.

He passes away, 90+ years of age.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Kunze is mentioned in 2015, “A History of Conversion to Islam in the United States, Volume 1: White American Muslims Before 1975” Book by Patrick D. Bowen

See pages 302-303, Rashid Ahmad is also mentioned.
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