There was yet another famous follower of MGA named Maulana Ghulam Rasool Qudsi Rajecki.  Also spelled as Rajeki or Rajki. He wrote a book entitled, “Hyat-e-Qudsi”. In this book he mentions how he would see dreams wherein it seemed that Maulvi Noorudin face looked like that of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). This comes from an era wherein Ahmadi’s thought that MGA was really the second coming of Muhammad (Saw) and MGA’s wife was really the wife of Muhammad (Saw) (naozobillah).

He also wrote in this book about a dream that he had wherein the first ever majority Ahmadi country would be Afghanistan. We have also posted quotes from this book in the very bottom in terms of

An Ahmadi tells us,: I was once discussing with beloved Huzoor a number of passages from Hayat-e-Qudsi [a well-known autobiography of an illustrious companion of the Promised Messiah (as), Ghulam Rasul Rajeki, and I touched upon the subject of spiritual experiences. The autobiography seeks to inspire its readers of the miracles of Islam to be gained through belief in Islam Ahmadiyya and the Promised Messiah. After having read the accounts of this companion, I could not help but ask, if this was the example of a mere disciple, how great, then must the spiritual experiences of the Khulafa’ be! And since God Himself had adorned beloved Huzoor with the mantle of Khilafat, I was much intrigued to learn about such spiritual experiences from beloved Huzoor-e-Anwar himself. And so one day, I enquired about this matter and Huzoor disclosed to me that at times while he prays for certain individuals during his Salat prayers, Allah can sometimes make them appear right before him. I am certain that incidents of this kind are not rare occurrences for beloved Huzoor; rather, it is likely to be one example out of the many diverse and highly spiritual worlds he enters on a daily basis. Spiritual Experiences of Beloved Huzoor– (An article by Murtaza Ahmad), (Printed in Review Of Religions 30th May 2021). _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Zandeeq Ghulam Rasool Rajeki in Hayat-e-Qudsi page 11 Called Mirza Kazab is second coming of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w

MGA had a female angel named Sakina


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A photo of Ghulam Rasool Rajecki

Hayat-e-Qudsi, The Autobiography of Maulana Ghulam Rasul Rajeki, Pages 620 to 623

The Emerald of Solomon, Ahmadiyyat and Halloween from islam_ahmadiyya

The Incident of Village Saadullahpur

Once during the times of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), a young girl in Saadullahpur had a severe episode of which is also known as being possessed i.e being taken by a demon, and her relatives sent for saints and exorcists from far and away for treatment. But when these exorcists started treating this girl, she abused them and even hit them with bricks. Afterwards, Maulvi Ghaus Muhammad Sahib Ahmadi Allah be pleased with him, (who was a resident of this village and had some experience in this kind of procedures) was also called to treat this girl, but the girl treated him like the earlier exorcists. Finally Maulvi Ghaus Muhammad Sahib gave a letter to a man and rushed him towards me on a horse with the message that I should reach the place of Saadullahpur as soon as possible.

So I reached the aforementioned place right away and met Maulvi Ghaus Muhammad Sahib and inquired about the situation. He narrated the whole story of the girl and took me with him to the house of this girl. When I arrived, I found a large number of creatures on the rooftops around the mansion, who were watching the demon-possessed girl inside the mansion.

It is the wisdom of God that when I entered the mansion of this girl, right away, she brought a cot for me in the yard and laid it down (for me to sit). So I sat on that cot and ordered that demon (who had possessed the girl) that he should leave this girl and go away. This demon said that you are our elder and leader, so your command is absolutely to be obeyed, but before I leave, I will demolish the pillar supporting the roof of this house. I said this is not fair, it will cause a lot of loss to these families. After hearing this, he said, “Well, then I will throw down the three rows of utensils on the shelf in front of me.” I understood that there is no harm in it. So when she was sitting next to me in the courtyard, as soon as the demon said his (departing) salutation to me, immediately three rows of earthen pots in the room which was at a distance from us, in which multiple stacks of seven to eight pots each were kept, fell down with a big bang and at the same time, the patient read the kalima and became conscious. I found these spiritual blessings of Hazrat Aqdas (peace be upon him) to be very useful in preaching and after that the field of preaching became very smooth for me in this area. Alhamdulillah…

An episode of Village Rajeki

In a similar manner, my Persian teacher Mian Muhammad Sahib Kashmiri’s middle brother Mian Imam Din’s daughter also had a severe episode. But Mian Imam Din was my worst enemy because of Ahmadiyyat. That’s why he didn’t approach me. And my cousin Hafiz Ghulam Hussain Sahib, who was a well-known exorcist and was famous as a saint in this area, (Imad Din)went to him (to rid her of the demon). He gave some typical amulets, but to no avail. After seeing the terrible situation of the girl, the people of the village as well as the members of household forced Imam Din that he should visit me and request the treatment of his daughter, but Mian Imam Din said that even if If his daughter dies, he would not seek help from this infidel.

It is the wisdom of God Almighty that the condition of this girl became even worse and she became so insane that she would throw away five or even six men (trying to keep her in control), and would run away. When the villagers saw this situation, they insulted the said Mian Imam Din and explained that if you want your honor and the well-being of the girl, then go to Ahmadi Mian Sahib and beg to him. He will definitely agree and the (best) way to convince him is that you start praising Mirza Sahib as soon as you go to him and then listen to his preaching for an hour or two, in this way he will definitely agree and your objective will also be achieved. On this, Imam Din was forced to send his son named Ghulamuddin, but I sent him back with this answer, that when this devil did not come out from the great saints and believers of the area, how can it come out from a man like me whom you people consider to be an infidel. Go find another solution. The boy went back and narrated this answer to his father, then the same Imam din who previously did not even bother to look at my face because of Ahmadiyyat, finally he came to me and took off his turban and placed it at my feet and said that for the sake of God, please forgive my mistake and come with me. My daughter’s condition is very bad. Finally, when I saw that his head, (earlier) full of anger and pride, had fallen on the doorpost of Ahmadiyyat, I wrote on a piece of paper, “Rabbi kullo shai khadimak, rabbe fah-fizni wansurni warahmani” and dissolved it in water and gave it to the patient as soon as I got there, and ordered those people who were possessing her to release her. It is the grace of God Almighty and the blessing of Ahmadiyyat that the girl was cured as soon as she drank this water and the demon who used to call himself Syed Ahmad Shah, at that very time left her and said his (departing) salutations to me.

And (as a result), the same Imam Din who was very opposed before, started saying that if after that day I ever do something insolent in the honor of Mirza Sahib, then there will be no one worse than me. It is a pity that in the presence of such clear evidence, which was well above ordinary(signs) for these people, still these people were not fortunate enough to accept Ahmadiyyat. Ya hasrat alal Ibad

Two incidents of Lahore city

Similarly, an Ahmadi friend from Lahore, who was staying in Shimla for work, once came to me and narrated the story of his sister who was married in Lahore and was suffering from the devil’s ailment. He said that he had come to me that day after being disappointed by many exorcists. Therefore, it would be a great kindness if I could find a solution. So, on his request, I went with him to his sister’s house and as soon as I arrived, I recited Surah Fatiha, Ayat al-Kursi, Three Quls and “Rabbi kullo shai khadimak, rabbe fah-fizni wansurni warahmani” and some other verses over a glass of water and then I sprinkled (some of) the water on the patient’s face. The patient opened her eyes right away and saw me and said, “Oh, you have also come! It is good that you have granted us (the honor of) your presence. Please tell me what(ever) your command is. I said ” leave this patient alone”. The demon started saying, ” I will definitely do what you said because you are our elder, but before I go will definitely take away the gold ring of this patient, and I will possess this patient (once again) the eighth day from today, to be honored with your (blessed), company again.

So, after that, this demon said his (departing) salutations to me and left, and that patient regained consciousness while reciting the kalima. But a strange thing happened that at that time, the gold ring also disappeared from the patient’s finger. Exactly on the 8th day, when the patient had an episode again as promised, that friend called me again. As soon as the demon saw me, he said that he had come back exactly as he had promised. I said it is fine but where is the gold ring of this patient? He said, “If you want that ring, then it is kept inside the vessels lying in such and such a room of this house.” So at that very moment, when the ring was searched for in that place, indeed that ring was found inside one of those vessels. After that the patient got well and the demon did not return again. The breaking of pots and the disappearance of the ring is a strange mystery. God knows best.

Second event

Similarly, once in Lahore, Dr. Abdul Hameed Sahib, son of Mian Nizamuddin Sahib, the grandson of Hazrat Mian Chiraguddin Sahib (RA) and the son of the sister of Mr. Hakim Marham Isa Sahib, who was doing matriculation at that time, had this disorder. The Demon (who had possessed the boy) told me that you are our elder and our king and your name is famous in our nation as the ‘Emerald of Solomon’ and I have also been visiting you to listen to your exegisis (of the Quran). I said, well, that is (good) talk but (I order) you (to) leave this patient and go away. So after that, Allah Almighty healed Dr. Abdul Hameed Sahib, son of Mian Nizamuddin Sahib and then this deadly disease did not recur. Today he is employed in the medical field. Alhamdollilah Ala Zalik.
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The Emerald of Solomon, Ahmadiyyat and Halloween from islam_ahmadiyya

Who is Maulana Ghulam Rasool Rajeki?

From 1901 to roughly 1922 Ahmadis believed MGA=Muhammad

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