This was the school that MGA started in 1897. They tried to turn it into a College in 1904, but the British government shut it down officially in 1907. It operated as a young men’s school (Jamia and Madrassa) and housing area from 1907 to 1944. In roughly 1944, the British government opened up the Indian Air Training Course (IAT) in Qadian at the T.I. College in the 1940’s, this was the first ever pilot training center outside of the UK.

It opened at Rabwah after partition and was referred to as T.I. College. In Qadian, the old building that used to house the T.I. College is now the The Sikh National College at Qadian, since 1947-1950 era.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Historical Timeline

MGA issued an announcement on September 15, 1897, announcing plans for the establishment of such a school in Qadian (see Mujadid e Azim, page 728, online abridged version).

Some hard data from Dard, page 812-813
“””The middle school (Ta‘limul Islam) at Qadian was raised to the high standard in February 1900, and a boarding house was opened in May 1900. The number of students on the rolls by the end of 1900 was 124. 

The president of the executive committee of the school was Maulawi Nur-ud-Din and the General Secretary was M. Muhammad Ali. The Head Master was M. Sher Ali and the second master was Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra.

The classes had not all got rooms and the boys sat in the open space near one another.

The school remained closed for three days on the death of Queen Victoria as a sign of mourning and Ahmadas sent two telegrams (January 24th, 1901) of condolence to the Lieut. Governor of the Punjab and the Viceroy. But on February 23rd, 1901, it was closed for a day on the completion of the I‘jazul Masih as a sign of thanksgiving and rejoicing.

It sent up three students to the Middle Examination in 1900 and all passed, while the Arya
school patronised by Buddha Mal sent up 10 and only one was successful. In 1901 there were nine candidates and of them seven passed. A special sermon was preached in the school for the benefit of students every Monday.””””

Most of the teachers were corrupt and passed MGA’s sons even when they failed. This was the year that Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad should have graduated and then went to take the national matriculation test, which he failed.

A college was also started. “In April 1904 Ahmadiyya School in Qadian was shut down due to Plague and in the Daily Official Notification(see Ahle Hadith Newspaper dated 27th May 1904) the death toll just for the months of March and April 1904 was recorded at 1313 which took place in Qadian. Those days the population of Qadian was 2800 persons. People panicked and left the village and the whole town looked deserted.” (Hurf-e-Mehremana by Ghulam Jeelani Barq pp.251-252)(, retrieved on 6-23-19).

There were accusations of rampant homosexuality at this school also, which seems to be the reason it was shut down in 1907. There was also a College launched (launched in 1903) with the same name that was shut down by the British Government in 1905, via the University Act of 1907.

Remember, in 1909, the British government built the biggest building in the history of Qadian as they donated 25,000 rupees to the Ahmadiyya Movement at Qadian. This allowed the Ahmadiyya movement to purchase 50 acres of land as Noorudin ordered the building of the College, with hostel space, the first Jamia and the famous Nur Hospital and the famous Nur Mosque. If it wasn’t for the British government this huge facility would have never been built.

MGA’s number 1 enemy, Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi sons are forcibly brought to Qadian and housed and given Ahmadiyya brainwashing treatment, after a month or so, they are rescued. He had other sons also…these were just two.

He was from Halalpur, India. He seems to be the only Ahmadi from Halalpur, India, which is close to Delhi. Per Qadiani-Ahmadi sources, The first Principal of Jami’a Ahmadiyya was Maulana Syed Sarwar Shah Sahib. Teaching staff consisted of towering personalities like Hafiz Roshan Ali, Maulvi Ismail Sahib Halalpuri and Mir Mohammad Ishaq (MGA’s brother-in-law)(See Devotion of Life, page 160).


Jalal ud Din Shams was a student. He reports that Sheikh Abdur Rehman Misri was the Principal at the boys high school in Qadian.

The ROR of May-1918 reports that in 1914, when the first Khalifa died, there were 373 students. It then reports that in 1918, there are 442 student. 


We don’t see that any Ahmadi graduated from this high-school aka madrassa. Many Ahmadi Mullahs are given the title of Maulvi and sent out to preach Ahmadiyya without a formal education as imams. A few are Jalal ud Din Shams (was sent to Syria, Damascus and Palestine), and Maulvi Zahoor Hussain (was sent to Russia). The Khalifa also sent Maulvi Muhammad Amin to Iran and Central Asia in 1921 (see Ahmadiyya British-Jewish connections, page 87). Also see, Fateh Muhammad Sayal, “Jamaat Ahmadiyya Ki Islami Hidmat”, 1927, Lahore, Page 30. By 1923, Maulvi Muhammad Amin has been arrested a few times for spying on behalf of the British Govt., (see page 87). Also See Al-Fazl, Qadian, 14 Aug 1923 and Al-Fazl, Qadian, 28 Sep, 1923. 

The ROR of March-1921 has a story about Qadian by P.B. The Talim ul Islam High School is mentioned as being 3/4 of a mile from the main city center of Qadian. 700 students are also reported. 

On May 20th, 1928 Jamia was re-created by the Khalifa. It seems that this was only a kids school and housing area for 20+ years. This was the official madrassa wherein Ahmadi’s Mullahs would be trained.

The Khalifa’s brother-in-law, Mir Muhammad Ishaq becomes the headmaster. He does not have a college degree nor does he seem to have a matriculation certificate.

The Khalifa cusses at his young students and calls them pigs and etc.

In November 1938, Mirza Nasir Ahmad returned to the town of his birth, Qadian, where he was appointed a professor at Jamia Ahmadiyya, the missionary theological training college of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. In 1939, he was appointed principal where he remained for five years.

The College was opened in 1944, during WW-2. From May 1944 to November 1965, he was principal of the Talim-ul-Islam College, first in Qadian, then after partition, in RabwahPakistan. The British government opened up the Indian Air Training Course (IAT) in Qadian at the T.I. College in the 1940’s, this was the first ever pilot training center outside of the UK.

In 1947, when the college became homeless as a result of the independence of Pakistan in 1947. After operating in an abandoned horse stable for several months, the college shifted to the abandoned building of the D.A.V. College in Lahore. This building was used as a refugee camp for some time, and became badly damaged but was repaired to suit the needs of the college. 6 November 1947: Talim-ul-Islam High School was shifted to Chiniot from Qadian. Initially, it was relocated in the Malik Bhagwandas building by the allotment officials (see online Al-Hakam archives, via twitter).

Mirza Nasir Ahmad (The principal of this school) is arrested in Lahore as part of the Anti-Ahmadiyya riots.

In 1955, the college moved to its current campus at Rabwah. From 1948 to 1955, the College was located in Lahore, in fact, an Ahmadi was tragically murdered in 1953 during the the famous 1953 riots. On Dec. 6th, 1954, the College was opened in Rabwah.

In 1965, Mirza Nasir Ahmad became Khalifa and appointed Qazi M. Aslam as the new principal. Qazi M. Aslam remained as principal until 1973, when Pakistan nationalized all Colleges and Universities. Hence, the college closed forever. The buildings were then used by Ahmadiyya leaders as jamia or other administrative offices.

The government of Pakistan nationalized all colleges and Universities in the country and thus, even the Ahmadiyya college was brought under the control of the Pakistani Government.
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