In 2021, there are NO Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in all of afghanistan. Mirza Masroor Ahmad did claim that there were some converts to #qadianism in 2020-2021 in his 2021 UK Jalsa, however, this seems to be a lie. There are no Qadiani murrabi’s working in Afghanistan, and there are no Qadiani temples or mission houses.

Per Ahmadiyya sources, MGA wrote a letter to the King of Afghanistan sometime between 1896-1901. Listen to Dr. Israr Ahmad explaining the letter on Tik Tok, you can see the original video herein. This letter (in persian) was published in the Ahmadiyya newspaper, the al-hakam in 1907, as the son of the previous ameer of Afghanistan was in Delhi and travelling through the Punjab.

Per Ahmadiyya sources, the first two Ahmadi’s who were killed for their faith happened in Afghanistan in 1901 and 1903. In fact, the first 9 alleged people who were killed for being Ahmadi happened in Kabul, Afghanistan (From 1901 to 1925). However, 9 out of 10 of these are dubious and have no references in Ahmadiyya literature. The list goes on to count 10 out of the first 12 Ahmadi’s killed in Afghanistan, the outlier here happened in Baghdad, Iraq in 1935, again, another dubious report. In 1995, B.A. Rafiq wrote “The Afghan Martyr’s” and covered the alleged death of Naimatullah Khan.


Ahmadiyya sources {See B.A. Rafiq, “The Afghan Martyrs” (1995)} claim that MGA wrote a letter to the King of Afghanistan and it was hand carried by Moulvi Abdur Rehman to Afghanistan, and he was killed right after.

Ahmadiyya sources allege that Moulvi Abdur Rehman was killed on June 20th, however, this is a lie. 

Syed Abdul Latif is given the death penalty by the government of Afghanistan.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s letter (in persian) to King Ameer Abdur Rahman Khan (1896-1901)

MGA and his team of writers wrote a letter in persian to Ameer Abdur Rahman (see page 18 of the “Afghan Martyrs”. B.A. Rafiq claims that this was published in the Al-Hakam of 2-17-1907.

Khwaja Hasan Nizami has recorded that in response to this letter the Ameer merely said, “Come here” (See Munade-e-Khwaja). Dr Majid Deobandi says, he had written a PhD thesis on Khwaja Hasan Nizami.

Maulvi Sher Ali (editor of the english ROR) claims that MGA had a revelation and thus predicted that 85,000 Afghani’s will die. However, this was a lie, no such ilham was ever published by MGA.

“In the state of Kabul, there shall die 85,000″ (See english ROR of August 1913). 

In the January-1914 edition of the english Review of Religions, it is reported that there are thousands of Ahmadi’s in Afghanistan. However, this is a lie. 

Per Ahmadiyya sources only, Sahibzada Mohammad Saeed Jan and Mohammad Omer Jan are killed in Kabul, Afghanistan for being Ahmadi, however, this is a lie. There is no corroborating reference.

The ROR of Sep-1917 report that MGA predicted that 85,000 people will die in Kabul.

Per Ahmadiyya sources only, Syed Sultan Ahmad and Syed Hakeem Ahmad are killed in Kabul, Afghanistan for being Ahmadi, however, this is a lie. There is no corroborating reference.

The ROR of Mar-Apr-1918 published an article entitled, “Persecution of Ahmadi’s” wherein it discussed how life is hard for Ahmadi’s in Afghanistan, it also quotes the famous “Ahl-i-Hadis” newspaper wherein they write about how life is easy for Ahmadi’s in Cuttack (Orissa)(which is South-East-India, close to Bangladesh). They also discussed funeral prayers for Ahmadi’s and non-Ahmadi’s.

The 2nd Khalifa began making statements about setting up missionaries in Bukhara (Bokhara), Iran, Afghanistan and other Arab countries (See the 2nd Khalifa’s address on 3-17-1919, page 104)(see Ahmadiyya British-Jewish connections, page 87).

“Eye witness account of sahibzada Abdul Latif”
by Syed Ahmad Noor Kabuli (1921) was published. A partial english translation by Ghulam Muhammad Ahmadi appeared in ROR of March-April-May-1922 and written from Campbellpur (modern day Attock). In the ROR of Nov-1921, an article appeared entitled, “An Ahmadee martyr at Kabul”. They quoted Frank Martin’s, “Under the Absolute Amir”.  In the June-1921 edition of the ROR, the Ahmadiyya Movement claimed to already be in Bukhara, Iran and Afghanistan and getting positive results. They even claimed that they had created an Ahmadiyya only “Double Company” of 1000 men that were ready to fight for the British. 


In 1922, the Ahmadi’s congratulated the then emir, Amanullah Khan, for granting religious freedom to his people. (Germain, Eric (2007). “Southern Hemisphere Diasporic Communities in the Building of an International Muslim Public Opinion at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”. Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East27 (1): 135. doi:10.1215/1089201x-2006-048.

The ROR of March-April-May-1922 also mentions Ahmadiyya in Afghanistan. 

Who is Naimatullah Khan?

Per Ahmadiyya sources only, On August 31st, Naimatullah Khan is killed in Kabul, Afghanistan for being an Ahmadi, however, this is a lie. There is no corroborating reference. See, B.A. Rafiq, “The Afghan Martyrs”.

The 1924-Jalsa at Qadian was held on the 26th-28th. Ahmadiyya sources claim that the 2nd Khalifa gave a 4 hour speech on Bahaism (which special focus on his claim to divinity) on the first day and a 6 hour speech on Naimatullah Khan and his state killing in Afghanistan.

Per Ahmadiyya sources only, On February 5th, Moulvi Abdul Haleem and Qari Noor Ali are killed in Kabul, Afghanistan for being Ahmadi, however, this is a lie. There is no corroborating reference.

The ROR of April-1925 mentions Maulvi Nimatullah Khan and a few other Ahmadi’s who were killed. The March-1925 also discusses this issue.

In the January-1926 edition of the ROR, the killings of Maulvi Abdul Halim and Mir Ali.

The Khalifa write’s his famous book, “Invitation to Ahmadiyyat” (online english edition of Invitation to Ahmadiyya). This is basically of letter of invitation to Amanullah Khan, who was the King of Afghanistan. The Khalifa confirms that MGA had a prophecy of the 2 goats and it was fulfilled with killing of Syed Abdul Latif and Maulvi Abdul Rahman. However, the Khalifa doesn’t mention Maulvi Abdul Haleem, Qari Noor Ali or Naimatullah Khan.

This photo is from the June-1926 edition of the ROR, which also discusses Ahmadi’s getting killed in Afghanistan.


Per Ahmadiyya sources only, On February 15th, Wali Dad Khan and his son are killed in Afghanistan for being Ahmadi, however, this is a lie. There is no corroborating reference.

In this 80-year period, not much is reported.

During the 2021 UK International Jalsa, the Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad reports some converts to Ahmadiyya in Afghanistan.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Alleged list of martyrs

The first 9 martyr’s of the Ahmadiyya Community


Jun 20, 1901 Hazrat Moulvi Abdur Rehman Sahib Kabul Afghanistan
Jul 14, 1903 Hazrat Sahibzada Abdul Lateef Sahib Kabul Afghanistan
1917 Sahibzada Mohammad Saeed Jan Sahib Kabul Afghanistan
1917 Mohammad Omer Jan Sahib Kabul Afghanistan
1918 Syed Sultan Ahmad Sahib Kabul Afghanistan
1918 Syed Hakeem Ahmad Sahib Kabul Afghanistan
Aug 31, 1924 Moulvi Naimatullah Khan Sahib Kabul Afghanistan
Feb 05, 1925 Moulvi Abdul Haleem Sahib Kabul Afghanistan
Feb 05, 1925 Qari Noor Ali Sahib Kabul Afghanistan


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