The Daily Ummat Karachi Pakistan dated 27th May, 2019, reports that the Tragic bomb blasts in Sri Lanka exposes the Ahmadiyya secret network of human trafficking in the city of Nigumbo. As per the directions of the Mirza family the Ahmadii converts from Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan are placed in Jamaat’s base camp in Nigambo, Sri Lanka.

Before their onward shifting to Europe these newly misguided peoples are given basic Ahmadiyya cult training and brain washing.  Afterward, these peoples are given the status of Refugees with the assistance of UN organisation for Refugees (UNHCR), then they are sent to Germany, France, Spain and Canada.

Daily Ummat refers to a report published in Washington Post saying that Peoples from Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan accept Ahmadiyya and come to Sri Lanka in the hope that they will be sent to Germany, France and Canada with the help of UNHCR.

Babar Baloch a spokesman of UNHCR told Associated Press Journalist John Gambril that after bomb blasts, local Buddhists and Christians have attacked them and few Ahmadi’s have been beaten by them on the suspicion of being muslims.

The UNHCR Spokesman said that they have received many application from ahmadiya community members in Sri Lanka for rescue and they are actively pursuing them. He said that as per Record available with them the number of registered applicant is 1600.

One such Qadiani Tariq Ahmad from Pakistan told that they had come to SriLanka in the hope of migration to Europe or Canada but local Buddhists and Christians are attacking them thinking us to be muslims.  Raja Kamran a Qadiani who arrived in Sri Lanka with family told that they had come here to migrate to get immigration in Europe or Canada but soon after our arrival bomb blasts took place and local christians started attacking us. Now with the assistance of their Jamaat elders in Rabwah and London they have now been provided police protection and hopefully they would be shifted to a safe place soon.


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