Modern day Sri Lanka aka Ceylon was under the British government for a long time, roughly from 1800 to 1948.  Per Ahmadiyya records, the first Ahmadiyya missionary was sent to Sri Lanka and then later Mauritius in 1915 (see “Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques Around The World”), his name was Sufi Ghulam Muhammad, who seems to be not mentioned much in the history of Ahmadiyya.  He wasn’t an Ahmadi in 1896 when the famous list of the 313 companions was created.  Sufi Ghulam Muhammad did his BA from Punjab University and asked Khalifatul Masih I if he should memorise the Qur’an or go on to take his MA. He was advised to memorise the Qur’an first. Sufi sahib did this in six months and when he informed Khalifatul Masih I he offered a Sajda [posture of prostration] of gratefulness.

per Ahmadiyya records, after reading Ahmadiyya newspapers, a person named Abdul Aziz requested to join the Ahmadiyya via a letter.  This could be a total fake however.

Sufi Ghulam Muhammad is sent as a missionary to Mauritius, however, he stops in Sri Lanka and works on creating an Ahmadiyya center there.

The The Review of Religions, October and November 1919 reports: 

The secretary of the Colombo Ahmadiyya Association reports:

“Opposition to us has become very bitter again, owing to malicious letters appearing in a local non-Ahmadi paper and the continued preaching by a South Indian, thousands flocking to hear him. He has preached in four centers and now last of all is expected in Slave Island. We are not afraid. Allah is our Helper.”

This bitterness of opposition on the part of the non-Ahmadi public of Ceylon and the activities of the South Indian preacher who is going about delivering lectures against the Ahmadiyya movement is a proof that our brethren there are working zealously to convey to their fellow-islanders the message of the Promised Messiah. Enemies of truth always do their worst to destroy heavenly movements and so are our opponents in Ceylon doing. But all their efforts are doomed to failure and we pray that God may help our brethren in the island and enable them to make Ceylon an Ahmadi Island.

A permanent Ahmadiyya missionary is sent to Sri Lanka, his name is Maulana A.P. Ibrahim.

An Ahmadiyya mosque is built.

For the first time ever, an Ahmadiyya Khalifa visits.

A current listing of Ahmadiyya buildings in Sri Lanka

Pics from “Ahmadiyya mosques around the world, a pictorial presentation

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