We have found a book by the grand liar and political puppet of the British Government, Muhammad Zafrullah Khan. This book seems to have been written in 1950, while Muhammad Zafrullah Khan was the foreign minister of Pakistan. He totally lies and claims that the entire coast of Sierra Leone is now Ahmadi. By 2019, there are over 6 million people in Sierra Leone, of which 4 million are Sunni-Muslims, Ahmadi sources continue to lie and claim 500k Ahmadi’s in 2019. On February 1921, the first missionary of the Community, Abdur Raheem Nayyar, would set foot on the territory. Nayyar stayed temporarily in the capital Freetown, whilst he was on his route towards Saltpond, in modern-day Ghana, and Lagos, in Nigeria for his missionary activities.  After an interval of 15 years, Nazir Ahmad Ali arrived in 1937 as a permanent missionary to Sierra Leone. Ali had spent a year at the Gold Coast, modern-day Ghana, after his arrival from India. Upon the year of his arrival, Ali settled in Freetown, and established the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Sierra Leone. Before long, he gave a lecture at the Wilberforce Memorial Hall,[1] the principal public meeting place of the city,[2] addressing the Muslim and Christian populations of the country. In this early address, he introduced the Community and the coming of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the Imam Mahdi for the Muslims, and the second coming of Jesus for the Christians. At another event, he solely addressed Muslims at the Islamia School adjacent to a Mandinka mosque.[1] Such addresses directed at the Muslim populations often gave rise to hostilities from Muslim communities. Perhaps for his safety, Ali moved into the house of Kande Bure, chief of the Temne people of Freetown, and a Cabinet minister.[3]

However, having been rejected by the majority of Muslim groups in Freetown, Ali decided to move to a coastal town, Mange Bure, in the Port Loko District. Kande Bure himself was born in Mange Bure, where his father was an influential political figure. Having achieved little success in his preaching efforts, Ali moved; this time in the same district to the small port-town of Rokupr.[3] Here Ali had reasonable success, where he managed to establish a small community of Ahmadi Muslims, among them a number of local influential figures. Rokupr was also the site of the first school established by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Sierra Leone.[3]

The Head of The Ahmadiyyah Movement

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