Professor Humphrey J. Fisher wrote “Ahmadiyyah: A study in contemporary Islam on the West African coast” (1963), London, Oxford University Press.  He was the first person to write extensively about Ahmadiyya in West Africa and other parts of Africa.  He presented enough information to prove that the British Government was helping Ahmadiyya convert Orthodox Muslims.  He also called Ahmadiyya a parasite to Orthodox Islam.  He even called the grave of Yuz Asaf as a “gimmick”. Also read how the British Government gave Ahmadi’s 4000 acres of free land in 1915.

Hanson tells us
 “The postwar expansion of Ahmadi missionaries from South Asia led Humphrey Fisher to stress external control of the movement in West Africa and J Spencer Trimingham to argue that the Ahmadiya was a ‘maritime implantation’ in West Africa. Both Trimingham and Fisher allowed the changes of the mid-twentieth century to obscure their view of African initiative in the movement’s genesis in the West Africa.”

An important source
Trimingham, J. Spencer. The Influence of Islam Upon Africa. New York: Frederick A.
Praeger, 1968.

Scans from Trimingham


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