We have come across some interesting information on MGA’s book, “Kishti-Nuh”, which was published on Oct 5th, 1902, as indicated by the Cover of the original edition. Although the title of the book displays the date 5 October 1902, its publishing had already begun in Al-Hakam newspaper by 24 September 1902, which continued to be published in 5 consecutive issues of the newspaper in the form of a series. Below are those dates of Al Hakam newspapers in which Noah’s Ark was published:

– The first 25 pages of Noah’s Ark were published on 24 September 1902, page 1 to 12

– Pages 25 to 48 of Noah’s Ark were published on 30 September 1902, page 1 to 7

– Pages 49 to 62 of Noah’s Ark were published on 10 October 1902, page 1 to 7

– Pages 62 to 72 of Noah’s Ark were published on 17 October 1902, page 1 to 7

– Pages 72 to 76 of Noah’s Ark were published on 24 October 1902, page 1 to 3

Hence, Noah’s Ark was already being published in Al Hakam from 24 September 1902, prior to its publication in book form. A 4-page-english translation by Ch. Abdul Hasham (M.A., living in Qadian) can be found in the ROR of June-1944.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________MGA’s additional comments on the plague: 
Al Hakam of 17 September 1902:

“We stand on one side with respect to the plague inoculation as we are given the promise of protection by God Almighty and on the other, there are those who are totally dependent upon it. Allah the Almighty has not forbidden to utilise the means [for curing the disease] but [a person] should not get absorbed by the means to the extent that he reaches Shirk [i.e. leaves God and puts full trust in the vaccine]…

“Countless persons know full well that (as it has been predicted) when people benefit from taking the inoculation against the plague, how happy would that person be who says that others benefited by the inoculation but, ‘I was [saved] from God Almighty’ and how great a sign would this be …” (Al Hakam, 17 September 1902, p. 15, heading “An Extract from the Diary”)
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