Mirza Bashir Ahmad MA is the son of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. He wrote famous book Seeratul Mahdi on the life of his father Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. In order to bring every minor detail of the life of his father, he wrote many objectionable and secret parts of the life of his father which other notable Qadianis did not like. For example he brought out the detail of his father,s bad sexual health, impotency etc detail of marriage with his mother Nusrat Jehan, formulation and use of sex medicines, use of opium in the medicine, use of tonic wine, live accounts of his death which indicate his death to be of Cholera as was prayed by him versus Molana Sanaullah Amritsari. Etc etc.

One wonder why did Mirza Bashir Ahmad reveal secret parts of his father,s life to the public portraying him a man of bad character. Inner circles of Jamaat e Ahmadiyya always talk bad about this book by Sahibzada Mirza Bashir Ahmad. In a video, Renowned Ex- Ahmadi AK Sheikh has also talked about this.

Contemporary notables and writers of Jamaat at the time of publication of Seeratul Mahdi has raised voice against it. Famous Mureed of MGAQ Dr. Basharat Ahmad criticised Mirza Bashir Ahmad for writing such thing about MGAQ in Seeratul Mahdi. In response to Dr. Basharat Ahmad,s criticism, Mirza Bashir has clarified his position and lamented at Dr. Basharat for his criticism.
(See Seeratul Mahdi Vol-2 page 448-487.)


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