Most of MGA’s announcement’s have been tampered with. The Ahmadiyya team of clerics has already changed the dates and thus totally altered most of these announcements. The book, “Majmua Ishtiharat” was published many years after MGA died. Ahmadiyya sources don’t tell us where this was published from, what newspaper? Ahmadiyya sources claim that these announcements were published at the Riaz e Hind newspaper, which were published from the Riaz e Hind press.  Nevertheless, in the below we are producing  snippets from MGA’s announcement of March 22nd, 1886, as recorded in Ahmadiyya sources. FYI, technically, uptil late 1889, MGA was a Muslim, a rogue member of the Ahl-e-Hadith sect. MGA had made the famous Musleh Maud prophecy on February 20th, 1886, that his wife was pregnant and she would give birth to a promised son, he followed this up with another announcement on March 22nd, 1886, and another on April 8th, 1886, and added complications and a timeline. However a girl named Ismat was born on April 15, 1886 and MGA was embarrassed for failing in his prediction. A storm of ridicule and abuse was raised by the religous communities of British-India (muslims, christians and hindu’s) against MGA. The Christian paper Nur Afshan (dated June 3rd,1886), Pt. Lekhram of the Arya Samaj (vide his Ishtihar dated, April 25th, 1886), Nabi Bakhsh, a Muslim of Lahore, and others declared that the prophecy was falsified by the birth of the daughter. Indarman is also mentioned in this context.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________See Tadhkirah, the online 2009 english edition, page 183, footnote area and 184

“””(A) The grandeur of the prophecy relating to the birth of a son whose various high qualities have been set out is not reduced by any long period that might be specified for its fulfilment even though it might be the double of nine years. The heart of every just person will bear clear witness that the fulfilment of such a high prophecy which comprises the birth of such an outstanding and special personality is beyond human power. The revelation of such good news in consequence of the acceptance of prayer is not only a prophecy but is a grand heavenly Sign.”””
[Announcement of April 8, 1886, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, pp. 116–117].

“””(A) After the announcement mentioned above, I supplicated again for further disclosure concerning this matter and it was disclosed to me today, April 8, 1886, by God Almighty that a son will be born very soon. Such period cannot exceed the interval of one pregnancy. Thus,
it is obvious, that a son will probably be born soon, or certainly in the next pregnancy, but it has not been disclosed whether the one who will be born soon is the same Promised Son or whether he will be born at some other time within the term of nine years.”””
[Announcement of April 8, 1886, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, p. 117].

“””(B) There are two phrases in the Arabic revelation:




These indicate descent or a near descent.””””
[Announcement of April 8, 1886 footnote, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, p. 117].

“””(C) Thereafter the following revelation was also received:

[Urdu] They said: Is this the one who was to come or shall we wait for another?”””

[Announcement of April 8, 1886, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, p. 117]
Taken from the Lahori website—

“”“”Be it clear that some gentlemen like Munshi Inderman Sahib of Muradabad have raised this objection on the proclamation of 22nd March 1886 that the nine year limit which has been laid down for the appearance of the Promised Son leaves a lot of room, for some son may be born during this long period. ………. Besides this, after the publication of the above-mentioned proclamation, I now turned towards Allah for clarification of this affair. So, today on 8th April 1886, it was made plain to this humble one from Allah, whose glory is eminent, that a son will be born very soon, not exceeding the period of a pregnancy. This shows that probably a son is about to be born or will definitely be born from a nearby pregnancy. But it has not been revealed whether the one that will be born now is that very son or that he would be born some other time in the nine year period. …………..”””

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