Maulvi Muhammad Ali was the famous Lahori-Ahmadi who split with the main section of Ahmadi’s (Qadiani’s) in 1914 over Khilafat, the prophethood of MGA, the Ismuhu Ahmad prophecy and Takfir. In the summer of 1914 he wrote a booklet Al-Muslih al-Mau‘ud (‘The Promised Reformer’) after a Qadiani wrote an article in May 1914 in the magazine Tashhiz-ul-Azhan, published from Qadian, trying to prove that Mirza Mahmud Ahmad was the Musleh Maud whose coming had been prophesied by the MGA. A few weeks later, Muhammad Ali wrote “Al-Muslih al-Mau‘ud” and claimed that none of the then living sons of MGA fulfilled the prophecy of being Muslih Mau‘ud and the Musleh Maud would come at the end of the 300 years from 1908 and thus, would turn 3 into 4. The 1944 edition of this book can be found on the Lahori-Ahmadi website, it is only in Urdu.

In the Pagham-e-Sulh of 21 April 1914, Muhammad Ali famous wrote: “”From among 500,000 people he cannot even show onetenth of them as having accepted him as Khalifah and one to be obeyed.””

Writers in the Pagham e Sulh also wrote:

1—“””Till now, with difficulty, one-twentieth of the people have accepted him as Khalifah.””” (See Paghaam-e-Sulh, 5 May 1914. p. 1)Via “The Noble Son” by Jalal ud Din Shams, 1957.

2—“””Now they have become the slaves of a twenty-five-year-old young man and have no personal opinion or anything left…they have become the eternal slaves of a simple child.””” (see the Pagham-e-Sulh, 16 April 1914. p. 2)Via “The Noble Son” by Jalal ud Din Shams, 1957.
Via “The Noble Son” by Jalal ud Din Shams, 1957, see pages 14-15

“””Remember that one great distinction of the 20 February 1886 prophecy is that in it there is one special characteristic mentioned of the promised one from which [the identity] of his person can be determined, and that characteristic is that he will turn three into four. This alone, is such a characteristic that identifies him, and the rest of the characteristics relate in ordinary words to his future successes – but the characteristic of turning three into four is special.”””
Via “The Noble Son” by Jalal ud Din Shams, 1957, page 25

“””If the writings and revelations of His Holiness – the Promised Messiah are pondered over in order to identify the Musleh Mauood, the principal indicator from his many works will be that he shall attain renown to the ends of the earth and nations shall receive blessings from him.”””
See “Truth Prevails” by Qazi Mohammad Nazir Lyallpuri, published on October 4, 1966, see the online english edition.

“””“The way Hazrat Sahib has attempted to interpret this difficult passage, by trying to fit into it various meanings, such as the possibility that it might mean the promised son in some connection or agency, which, for instance might turn three months, or three hours, into four months, or four hours, similarly it is possible that the true meaning of the passage might well turn out to be the fourth century after the prophecy had been made, and that the Muslih Mau’ud in question might turn out to be one who would turn three centuries into four in the sense that he would follow the Promised Messiah in the fourth century after the prophecy had been made.””””
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