In a rare essay critical of his brothers (Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad) Khilafat. Mirza Bashir Ahmad seems to have written many derogatory statements about the future of the Ahmadiyya Khilafat. This book or essay seems to have been lost in Ahmadiyya history.  It seems to have been written in the late 1950’s. At that time, the Khalifa, (his elder brother) was incapacitated and was rarely seen in public. The Ahmadiyya editing team worked fast to make this essay/book disappear, however, in 2005, an ex-Ahmadi found the essay and mailed it out to all Ahmadi’s in the USA and Canada and maybe the UK. He also wrote the very controversial Seeratul Mahdi in 1923. He seemed to be disgruntled.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Masroor Ahmad mentions it in 2005
Friday khutba in London on 27 May 2005

“The khilafat in the Jama‘at will not remain in its pure form forever, but will degenerate into a hereditary institution after the first four khalifas. Apparently, Mirza Bashir Ahmad drew a parallel with the history of the early khalifas of Islam, when after the first four khalifas, who were truly worthy of holding this office, the headship deteriorated into a worldly monarchy in which succession was by descent, and not by the true Islamic worth of a person.”  (Translation and quotation directly to the statement of Zahid Aziz, who is a Lahori-Ahmadi top scholar).
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