Nowadays, you will see Ahmadi’s on social media claiming that Aisha was 19 years old when she was married to Muhammad (saw). However, back in 1920, the sons of MGA told the world something totally different. Mirza Bashir Ahmad wrote many articles in Ahmadiyya newspapers, his book about the life of Muhammad (saw) appeared in 1919, mostly in the Urdu version of the ROR, those essay’s were turned into book form in 2011 by Mirza Masroor Ahmad. In Volume 2 of the book series, Mirza Bashir Ahmad goes on to argue that Ā’ishah was 7 years old when the marriage to Muhammad (saw) was announced (see volume 2, page 238). However, she didn’t enter the house of Muhammad (saw) until 3-5 years later when she was 9-12.  However, he forgets that Muhammad’s first wife Khadija (ra) died in year 10 before Hijra. Muhammad’s marriage to Ā’ishah was announced soon thereafter (a few weeks). Thus we have a major contradiction in Mirza Bashir Ahmad’s theory. Nevertheless, he goes on to totally disagree with the idea that Ā’ishah was 14 or 16 at the time of marriage. On page 246, he goes on to argue that girls in hotter climates fully mature by age 10, and girls in colder climates take longer to mature.

The quotes
From “The Life & Character of the Seal of Prophets (Khataman Nabiyeen)
VOLUME I (Sīrat Khātamun-Nabiyyīn) By Mirzā Bashīr Aḥmad 2011 online edition

“”However, since at the time of her marriage, Ḥaḍrat ‘Ā’ishah (ra) was only seven years of age, her farewell ceremony was delayed until after the migration. “”” (see page 243). 

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