For years and years, we have been quoting MGA and other Khalifa’s in our discussions with Ahmadi’s on the internet. However, the fact of the matter is that Ahmadi’s are trained to take the suggestions/arguments of their current Khalifa above MGA and his sons and grandsons. This is how the Mirza family controls Ahmadi’s in 2020. Another piece of evidence is as follows, the 2nd Khalifa banned cinemas and listening to the radio/music (See Mirza Tahir Ahmad, “A Man of God” by Ian Adamson). There is more, MGA said 10,000 Jews were killed in Medina for instance. Khalifa 4 said it is even possible the incident might not have occurred. K-2 believed in face veil. Khalifa Rabi said it’s not Islamic.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The text of his speech

The following is a transcript of a speech KM5 gave. I am finding it hard to formulate my thoughts around the message of the video. Please help. What do you guys think?

Allah has set time periods of each khulafa. Jama’at ahmadiyya khulafa and future khulafa, allah willing. And he provides guidance according to the time period and he guides khilafat on the issues of the time.

Thus, when a period finishes and a new khalifa is elected, and Allah bestows one with the Khilafat, then he must follow whatever guidance Allah gives, not by publishing old books, sometimes historical and informative knowledge is gained and these should be published. But practically, it is important to listen to the Khalifa of the time and act on it, rather than questioning the meaning of the guidance.

Sometimes office bearers talk amongst themselves about the meaning behind the Khalifa’s words. If you need some reasoning and the khalifa is present, ask him.

Or if it is the words of previous Khulafas, then it is still the present Khalifa’s decision to explain the reasoning behind those words and the explanation of the writings or sayings of the promised messiah, this work is not for every office bearer. It is the task of the Khalifa of the time to explain the meanings.

Therefore, Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya and every office bearer must remember that you must only pay heeds to the khalifa of the time’s words. Listen to his words and try to act on them. There is no need to bring out old meanings and things.

Allah gives a khalifa life and continues his work as long as he desires. And when he desires, one period comes to and end and another begins. For this reason, every office bearer should remember and understand this reality. It is specially the responsibility of Khuddam-ul-ahmadiyya that when the responsibility of safeguarding the institution of khilafat is on them, it will be safeguarded by instilling in the youth and your children the spirit of listening and acting upon the guidance of the khalifa. This is the reality which enables the protection of Khilafat.

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