Recently, #coronavirus is ripping through the #Ahmadiyya Jamaat, however, MTA has been ordered to suppress all data on #Ahmadi’s who are dying of #covid19. Another Ahmadi has also died from the London area, his name was Rana Naeem Ahmad or Rana Naeem ud Din Ahmad. On Ocotober 26th, 1984, he murdered 2 people in-front of 100’s of witnesses, he shot a 3rd person who survived with life long injuries (see at the 8:28 mark onwards). Mirza Tahir Ahmad explained the whole scenario is his Friday Sermon of Feb 21st, 1986. These people were removing the Kalima from an Ahmadi mosque in Sahiwal, Punjab Pakistan. Interestingly, Rabwah times purposely didn’t tell us how many people he killed, this proves that this news outlet, even though outwardly unofficial, has sympathies with Ahmadi’s and the Mirza family. On MTA, they admitted that Rana Naeem in-fact shot 2 people and injured another. They also admitted that the police had already came to protect this Ahmadi masjid (per the order of Qazi Ayaz Ahmad) and had even placed police officers the evening before the shooting. Qazi Ayaz Ahmad had also told Muhammad Ilyas Munir that the Muslim Imams of the local area had requested him to remove the Kalima a week before the event, however, he had refused to do so.Thus, Muhammad Ilyas Munir and Rana Naeem Ahmad knew of the impending trouble. Moreover, an Ahmadi had also tipped off the local Imam, Muhammad Ilyas Munir (who lived in an adjoining apartment with the Ahmadi mosque, Rana Naeem was also living in the mosque in a separate room) of an impending issue. This young Ahmadi who tipped off the police was a silent Ahmadi, he had Pakistani friends, but he never told them he was an Ahmadi. Nevertheless, this Ahmadi insider had a friend tell him that the Jamia Rasheeda, which was close to the local Polytechnic College had tipped him off, thinking he was a Sunni-Muslim. This Ahmadi insider immediately reported this to the Ahmadi cleric, Muhammad Ilyas Munir. Thus, Ahmadi’s knew of an impending issue and refused to abandon this mosque (even for a few days, most likely because they were ordered to stay by the Mirza family), they also refused to erase the Kalima from their mosque, in fact, they have never complied with this law and willfully removed all the Kalima’s from their places of worship in Pakistan, nor have they removed the minaret’s. In this case and many others, Pakistani-Muslims were peacefully removing the Kalima, there was no reason to shoot them, in fact, Ahmadi’s should have allowed it per the law. Muhammad Ilyas Munir tells us that he heard the first shot fired and came to see what was going on, he was sound asleep or was pretending to be asleep. He says that as he approached the scene, another shot went off, he claims Rana Naeem was yelling at the Pakistani-Muslims, “who are you to remove the Kalima”. He then says he heard the 3rd shot and was inside the mosque now. He saw that Ahmadi’s and Muslims were scurrying to leave the mosque. After the incident, Rana Naeem claimed that he initially fired a few shots into the air, however, this is a lie and part of the Ahmadi cover-up story. If he had really shot 4-5 times, it would have been noted by Muhammad Ilyas Munir, however, he only heard 3 shots. Muhammad Ilyas Munir then shut the door of the Masjid and noticed 1 dead man on the floor, the other must have died in the hospital. It was time for Fajr, Muhammad Ilyas Munir then led the Fajr salat, with a dead body close by. He then noticed that another Pakistani-muslim was lying dead in the roadway, or he was about to die (he was moving a little bit still). There was a Christian hospital across the street from the Ahmadi masjid where the shooting happened, the police scooped up the dying Pakistani-Muslim and took him into the hospital. Eight months later in October 1985, before a special military tribunal sentences were handed out. Death sentences were handed down to Mohammad Ilyas Munir, Ahmadiyya missionary and Rana Naeem-uddin Ahmad, custodian of Sahiwal Mosque. Four other Ahmadis were sentenced to imprisonment of 7 years each. The sentence of the tribunal were sent to General Ghulam Jilani Khan (Governor of Punjab) for ratification. General Jilani felt that there was a clear miscarriage of justice as Rana Naeem Sahib was clearly acting in self-defence and none of the other accused had been at the scene. Gen Jilani decided to raise the matter when Zia next came to Lahore. Eventually Gen. Jilani explained his doubts to Zia and asked him for his instructions. Zia contemptuously shrugged his shoulders and barked “Hang them”. Rana Naeem ud din and Mohamed Ilyas Munir were incarcerated and spent the next five years on death row awaiting the gallows. On a number of occasions the death warrant was even issued and they were both moved to the death cell; only for it to be rescinded following legal appeals. By December 1988 of that same year the civilian government of Benazir Bhutto was in place, and shortly thereafter in one of its first acts, it commuted all death sentences to that of life imprisonment. Both Rana Naeem ud Din and Mohammed Ilyas Munir were moved from death row and following appeals in the civilian courts had their convictions quashed and they were both subsequently released. They both immediately moved to the UK.

Zia ul Haq’s involvment
Zia ordered that no newspaper would be allowed to publicisize the news that an Ahmadi had murdered 2 unarmed Muslims. This is very strange. The FIR for this case wasn’t prepared until 10pm at night. The local police department arrested only 5 Ahmadi’s (Nisar sahib, Qadeer sahib, Haaziq Sahib, Rana Naeem ud Din, and Mohamed Ilyas Munir) and brought them in for questioning. Eventually, 11 Ahmadi’s were arrested.

Malik Muhammad Din was a retired Ahmadi police officer who helped Ahmadi’s in this case also
He immediately intervened with the police department and made sure that all Ahmadi’s were given special treatment in jail and in their cases.

Who is Qazi Ayaz Ahmad?
He as in-charge of the police sub-station in Lahore, Pakistan. He was extremely friendly with Ahmadi’s, thus, he seems to have been taken off of the case early on.

Who was Rana Naeem anyways?
He seems to have been roughly 50 years old and jobless, the Mirza family seems to have been keeping him around to maintain and clean this mosque of their’s and were probably giving him daily bread/housing as payment.

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