When did MGA claim to be a Mujadid of the 14 century? It wasn’t in the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 1-4. Ahmadi sources have always claimed that in March of 1882, he received a revelation informing him that God had anointed him as the mujaddid, or reformer, for the 14th century of Islam. However, there is no reference. In 1891, in MGA’s book, Taudih-e-Maram (Elucidation of Objectives in english), on the cover of the book, MGA wrote, “Mujadid of the time” (Mujadid e Zaman), “Messiah of the time” (Maseeh e Zaman). A year later, in “Nishan Asmani” (1892), MGA again asserts to the be the Mujadid of the 14th century. MGA also claimed that he had been claiming this for 11 years, which back-dates to 1880-81, however, this is a lie, MGA never made any announcement wherein he claimed to be a Mujadid.  

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