You will never see an Ahmadiyya chess champion, or any type of high level chess player, why? Well, in 1945, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad wrote how Chess, cards or other games (which encompasses video games) were against the Quran, specifically 23:3 (23:4 in the Ahmadiyya Quran). Could chess be declared Haraam in the Muslim world? Maybe? It just depends on what a Muslim country wants to do. Nevertheless, the quote by the Khalifa is in the below, decide for yourself, fanatical Ahmadi’s don’t come here anyways.
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Improper Use of Wealth Forbidden

See, “The Economic System of Islam” by Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, The lecture was delivered in Lahore, at the Ahmadiyya Hostel, on February 26, 1945. We are unsure as to who delivered this lecture.

“”””””””””””””””””””””I proceed now to elaborate on how Islam forbids the improper use of wealth. In regard to the true Muslims, the Holy Quran says:

That is: (23:3) Muslims are those who stay away from frivolous acts.

They stay away from pursuits or activities that are of little benefit, such as, playing chess, cards or other games wasteful of time. Islam directs all believers to desist from all such useless (laghw) pursuits. Accordingly, idleness, gossiping among friends or other useless activities are not approved in Islam. Indolent life style is also regarded as laghw.””””

Improper Use of Wealth Forbidden

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Improper Use of Wealth Forbidden


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