Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was given free reign by the British Government to make the wildest claims. We know he claimed to be the 2nd coming of Adam (as), Jesus (as), and Muhammad (Saw)(nauzobillah). However, MGA also claimed to be the second coming of Ibrahim (as) and Moses (as). In 1900, MGA was claiming that 20 years ago, his god named him Ibrahim (as)(nauzobillah), however, we haven’t found that reference as of yet.

The quotes
ArbainRoohany Khazaen, Vol. 17, P. 420; Arbain Vol. 3, P. 30-31/37

“In the Braheen-e-Ahmadia, God has declared me Ibrahim, since he said:  
‘Salam – Ala – Ibrahim …’ Which means: ‘Salutation on Ibrahim (i.e. this humble person). We truly made friends with him and saved him from every anxiety. And (O you who follow him), let the place of Ibrahim’s steps be the place of your prayers. That is, obey him completely so that you may attain salvation’.”

Arbain, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 17, P. 420; Arbain Vol. 3, P. 31-32

“Wa Attakhozu Men Maghame Ibrahim Masla’ This is a verse of the Holy Quran; on this occasion it means to say: Perform your prayers and maintain your beliefs on the pattern of Ibrahim who has been sent (Mirza Qadiani), and mold yourself on his model in every matter.”

Arbain, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 17, P. 421; Arbain Vol. 3, P. 32

“Similar is the verse ‘Wa Attakhozu Men Maghame Ibrahim Masla’.  It contains a hint that at a time when the Ummah of Muhammad(SAW) will become divided into many groups, then during the last era an Ibrahim (Mirza of Qadian) will be born and out of all the groups that group will be saved which follows this Ibrahim.”

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#Ahmadis believe that 62:3 of the Quran announces that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the second coming of Muhammad (saw)(Nauzobillah)

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