MGA claimed many quranic verses were about his arrival, the list is getting long, 1:7, 2:4, 48:2961:09 and 9:32, 21:107, 10:16, 17:8, 18:83, 61:6, 62:3 and many others. We have also recently found 77:11. In “Shahadat ul Quran” (Testimony of the Quran)[1893], via the online english edition, on page 26, MGA clearly claims that this verse 77:11 (77:12) was revealed about his own coming. In this verse, MGA argued that ar-Roosulu means one messenger, in the singular, and that this verse was specifically about himself (MGA). This contradicts the Ahmadiyya argument on 3:144, and the assertion that Ar-Roosulu mean ALL. MGA also argued that this verse was about the muhaddaseen in the ummah, which was later contradicted.

Razi ullah Noman aka @ahmadianswers tried to respond here in this video (See at the 50:00 minute mark). Razi tries to counter-argue that MGA was claiming that Ar-rusul means ALL messengers, however, MGA was representing all of them. This is contradictory, since in Shahadatul Quran (1893), MGA clearly wrote that ar-rusul in 77:11 means a singular person. At this point in time, MGA was not claiming to be a rasul/nabi, only metaphorically, thus, MGA was including all mujadid’s, muhaddas’ and high-ranking imam’s.

In fact, 10 years later, in Tadhkiratul Shahadatain, MGA called himself the FINAL Khalifa (Khatamul Khulafa) and also claimed that the number of messengers had arrived (See ref in the below).
The Quote, from Shahadatul Quran, RK-6, page 319, see page 26 of the online english edition of Shahadatul Quran

“”At one place it is stated: 

‘And when the messengers are brought at their appointed time’ (77:11 of the Quran)

This is, in fact, a reference to the coming of the Promised Messiah. And it means to say that he will come exactly on time. It should be remembered that in the word of God the term rusul is applied to the singular as well as to one who is not a messenger……………””””

The scan

[Tohfah-e-Golarhviyyah, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 17, pp. 241-244].  (See also Essence of Islam, Vol. 4).

“””Among the arguments which prove that I am the Promised Messiah, there are some signs that are personal to the Promised Messiah. A major sign among them is that the Promised Messiah must appear in the latter days as set out in the Hadith:

It will be in the latter days when tribulations will abound and the age will be approaching its end.

There are two kinds of indications to prove that these are the last days in which the Messiah should appear.

The signs set out in the Qur’an and the Ahadith which indicate the approach of the Day of Judgement and which have been clearly fulfilled. As, for instance, the eclipse of the sun and the moon in the month of Ramadan which is indicated in the verse:

Al-Qiyamah, 75:10

Then there is the discarding of camels as a means of transportation, as is clearly indicated in the verse:

Al-Takwir, 81:5

And the multiplication of irrigation canals which is obvious from the verse:

Al-Infitar, 82:4

And the continuous falling of stars as indicated in:

Al-Infitar, 82:3

And the occurrence of famines and the spread of epidemics and the scarcity of rain as contained in:

Al-Infitar, 82:2

And a total eclipse of the sun; thus spreading darkness as stated in:

Al-Takwir, 81:2

And the moving of the mountains as is generally understood to be the meaning of the verse:

Al-Takwir, 81:4

And the rising of the fortunes of the people who are wild, lowly, and unacquainted with noble Islamic virtues, as is obvious from the verse:

Al- Takwir, 81:6

And the multiplication of the means of communication and travel, whereby it will become easy for people to meet one another, which is an accepted interpretation of the verse:

Al- Takwir, 81:8

And publication of books, pamphlets and letters in all countries, as indicated in:

Al- Takwir, 81:11

And the corruption of the inner condition of the divines, who are the stars of Islam, which is a clear purport of the verse:

Al- Takwir, 81:3

and the spread of innovations, errors, and all kinds of disobedience and vices, as indicated in the verse:

Al-Inshiqaq, 84:2

All these signs of the approach of the Day of Judgement have been manifested and the world is in the grip of a great revolution…

Then there is the verse in Surah Al-Mursalat which indicates that a great sign of the approach of the Day of Judgement is that someone should appear and with his coming the number of Messengers should be determined.

This means that the last Khalifah in the chain of successors in the Islamic dispensation, whose name is the Promised Messiah and the awaited Mahdi, shall make his appearance in the last days. The verse is:

Al-Mursalat 77:12

i.e., the time when number of the Messengers will be determined. This means that with the appearance of the last Khalifah, the number of Messengers which had been determined by Divine decree and had been hidden, shall become manifest. This verse also clearly shows that the Promised Messiah will be from among the Muslims.”””””

In Muhammad Ali’s famous english commentary of the Quran, he didn’t connect MGA with this verse (77:11).

5-volume commentary of the Quran by Malik Ghulam Farid

Malik Ghulam Farid also says that this verse 77:11 refers to MGA.

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