In 1925, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa (who was a total predator) volunteered to teach young Ahmadi girls at the new Madrasatul Khawateen, a school for women, to spread religious education among women. Apart from Hadhrat Maulawi Sher Ali Sahib(ra), Hadhrat Syed Waliullah Shah Sahib(ra), Hadhrat Sufi Ghulam Muhammad Sahib(ra) and other scholars, including Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad(ra), Khalaifatul Masih II, himself used to teach there. Hadhrat Maulawi Sher Ali Sahib(ra) was the administrator of the school. Its graduates included teachers and workers for women’s central offices and educational institutes.

We suspect foul play with the girls at this school. More to come in the future.

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