The first 4-Khalifa’s of the Ahmadiyya Movement never really pushed Wasiyyat upon Ahmadi’s. The 2nd Khalifa did give speech at the 1942 Jalsa Salana wherein he was scared of a Japanese invasion and was planning for it. His speech was converted into a purposely mistranslated book, “Nizam e Nau”. Furthermore, Ahmadiyya sources were claiming 200 million Ahmadis in this era. The Khalifa reported that only 38,000 Ahmadi’s in total had signed up for this program. 38,000/200,000,000= that’s not even one percent. MGA had written that anyone who doesn’t sign up for Wasiyyat was a hypocrite (munafiq)(see page 41, online english edition of 2005). Thus, per MGA the majority of Ahmadi’s are hypocritical people.

It was the 5th Khalifa who began to force #ahmadis to join the Wasiyya program. He even had a new english edition of “The Will” (Wasiyyat) 2005 published so that #ahmadis in the west could sign up.

By 2019, in the USA, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad was complaining that not even 50% of Jamaat-USA had signed up Wasiyyat, it was at 29% and dropping fast.

He said all of this during his concluding address at the World wide UK Jalsa of 2004. He said:

“…In 2005, Insha’allah it will be a hundred years since this institution (Wasiyyat) was established. The Promised Messiahas established it in 1905…and today, after 99 years, only 38,000 Ahmadis have signed Wasiyyat. Next year, a hundred years will be completed
since the institution of Wasiyyat was established, so as I said earlier, I wish to exhort the Jama‘at to come forward and join this heavenly institution in order to purify their own lives and the lives of their progeny. At least…15,000 new Wasaya should be signed in the following one year.”

Hudur went on to say:

“It is my desire that by 2008, when a hundred years will be completed since the establishment of Khilafat-eAhmadiyya, at least 50% of all Ahmadi earning hands (i.e., the contributors of Chanda) in every country and every Jama‘at should have become part of this great scheme (Wasiyyat) and set new standards in making sacrifices. This will be a small token of gratitude from the Jama‘at to Allah Almighty at the completion of hundred years since Khilafat was established….The people who join this institution should, according to the Promised Messiahas be such, who desire a virtuous end and are regular in their worship. For this purpose, the best time is when one is young….Therefore, Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Saf-e-dum of Ansarullah and
Lajna Ima’illah should try their best to take part in this Divine scheme, because when one reaches the age of seventy and above, and is lingering on the edge of the grave, he has only leftovers to offer. So I hope that young men and ladies will take part in it with full zeal, and I especially wish to address the ladies, that they should try to bring their children and husbands to this revolutionary scheme….”

Concluding Speech at Jalsa Salana UK 2004
See, “Introduction to Financial Sacrifice”

1907 edition of Al-Wasiyyat

Al Wasiyat, 1907 edition
1909 edition of Al-Wasiyat

1909_Al Wasiyat
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Anwaar ul Uloom, Volume 11, page 83

“”God has made me and my family exempt from Wasiyyat. Rest of the men and women must follow all rules. The one to question will be considered a hypocrite.””

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