Nicholas Evans recently wrote a really good ethnographic study on the Ahmadiyya movement in terms of Qadian. The Ahmadiyya Movement didn’t like it since it criticized the beliefs of Ahmadi’s. The Al-Hakam online immediately wrote vs. Nicholas Evans, see herein.
The Al-Hakam complained about: 

—-The use of “The Holy City of Qadian”

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a persecuted group and in some countries, the persecution has reached intense levels.

—-Yet, by using the words “the Holy City of Qadian”, Evans on the very title page does precisely this – knowing the consequences; knowing that perpetuating this myth adds fuel to the fire of hatred against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community; knowing that such rhetoric will play directly into the hands of a zealous anti-Ahmadiyya religious clergy.

—-In actual fact, something that is known to every visitor of Qadian, let alone one who stayed there for 15 months, is that the epithet used by Ahmadis for Qadian is “Dar-ul-Aman”, which means “abode of peace” and Evans is aware of this:

—–“Qadian is colloquially referred to as the dar-ul-aman, a home of peace and sanctuary, and visiting Ahmadis praise it for a simplicity that enables them to feel closer to God.” (Far From the Caliph’s Gaze, p. 27)
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