#Ahmadi’s lie all the time, its nothing new. They lie about being the fastest growing sect of Muslims, via the World Christian Encyclopedia. We have debunked this thoroughly. Thus, it is proven, that while doing tabligh, Ahmadi’s exaggerate and lie. We have found a testimony from the Khalifa himself wherein he explains how he watched an Ahmadi totally lie about the Lekh Ram story and many other important details. This is a speech that the Khalifa gave in 1950, the Khalifa admonished Ahmadi’s for lying about their census, and many other things.

The sermon is dated 18th August 1950, and is recorded in the Al Fazl newspaper of 5th September 1950. The relevant portion of his sermon on ‘Truthfulness’ is from pages 4-7. The original Urdu sermon can be found here:

“”””I remember, that when I went for the Hajj, because I was young at this time, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih I r.a. wished that Abdul Hayy Arab should also accompany me. His desire was that by staying in Egypt, I should complete my Arabic studies, but this desire (of his) could not be fulfilled. Abdul Hayy Sahib Arab was a resident of Iraq and had become an Ahmadi from the Shi’ites. And the Shi’ites have (a habit of) exaggeration (in them) somewhat more than the Sunnis. In Jeddah, we were staying at the residence of Seth AbuBakr Sahib. An Arab merchant came to visit us there, and Abdul Hayy Arab began to do tabligh to him.

… I was reading a book when I suddenly felt as though Abdul Hayy Sahib Arab had become excited and passionate, and the Arab merchant was sitting in great fear. What had happened was that Abdul Hayy Arab Sahib was relating to him the account of (Pundit) Lekhram and was stating that Hadhrat Masih Maoud a.s. had specified a particular year, month, day and time when this person would be killed, and no worldly power would be able to save him. Because all the Aryas (i.e. Hindus of the Arya Samaj sect) knew of this prophecy, the police had surrounded Lekhram’s premises on this day and stopped the entry and exit of people into the premises.

When the prophecied time came, and Lekhram was hidden in his room, and there was no possibility of anyone killing him, suddenly the roof split open, and an angel came down with a sword and split his belly and killed him. The Arab merchant, under the influence of this account, became pale faced and fearful that if he now rejected this account, an angel would descend and split his own belly also.

When I heard this account, I said: Abdul Hayy, you lie even in tabligh? He began to say: Wasn’t there a prophecy? I said there was indeed a prophecy, but God had said that he would be killed within 6 years, and you claim that a specific year, month and day was prophecied. And the (actual) events are that a person went to Lekhram, the doors were open and his wife and children were present, and he inserted his dagger (in Lekhram’s belly) and disappeared. Though the word angel was used, it meant that as an angel is not caught, neither will he be caught.

Then I said that you say that the roof split open and an angel descended, whereas this is a complete lie. You also say that the police had surrounded the premises with a guard, whereas this is also a lie. He began to say that when they would have become aware of the prophecy, would the police not have placed a guard? I said that this is not an issue of ‘would have’. The issue is what actually happened. The point is that even in tabligh, lies are told. In the same way, when they have to inform others about the membership figures of the Jama’at, they will say that we are 10 laakh (i.e. 1 million), or 12 laakh (i.e. 1.2 million) or 15 laakh (i.e. 1.5 million).”””
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