Recently, a super Ahmadi troll, Razi Noman aka Razi Qudrat aka Ahmadi Answers posted a dubious reference from a book by Mujadid of the 12th century, he was a Hanafi, just like almost every Muslims in the Mughal Empire and a Sufi-type, which was allowed. We have already written one essay which proves that Shah Wali Ullah believed in the finality of prophethood and the physical return of Esa (as). After reviewing the data that was posted by Ahmadianswers, we decided to double check Razi. Razi quoted “Al-Khayr al-Kathir”, however, he doesn’t give the edition, nor does he give the name of the translator (see in the below).  In 1974, “Al-Khayr al-Kathir” (The Abundant Good), was transated into english by  G. Jalbani, Lahore: Ashraf. This work is divided into ten chapters, each called a khizana (treasure). The first four chapters deal with the reality of wujud (being), knowledge of God, the relationship between God and the universe, and human knowledge. From the discussion of human knowledge, Shah Wali Allah turns to the discussion of the reality of prophecy and the prophethood of Muhammad. In the seventh khizana, he deals with the rules and principles of sainthood and mysticism. The eighth and ninth chapters contain details about practical aspects of Islam, the shari’a, as well as the eschatological view of Islam. In the tenth khizana, Shah Wali Allah explains his theological view which, according to him, is in full accord with Ash’arite theology. The translator is PROF. G N JALBANI has specialized himself in the teachings and Philosophy of Shah Waliyullah of Delhi and made in this connection two Researches such as: 1. The Teaching of Shah Waliyullah. 2. The Life of Shah Waliyullah. He has translated some of his works into English, and also translated a good number of Arabic and Persian books into Sindhi language and further more, prepared Arabic-Sindhi and Sindhi-Arabic dictionaries as well. He seems to have translated lots of material from Shah Wali Ullah into english.

In the below, we have found quotes which prove that Shah Wali Ullah believed that Esa (as) was physically lifted from Earth to heaven (RAFFA), he also believed in the substitution theory wherein Esa (as) was never even on the cross and one of his disciples.

We have also found a reference in Shah Wali ullah’s famous, “Al-Fauz Al-Kabir Ft Usui Al-Tafsir”, in this, he writes that Esa (as) was physically lifted (RAFFA) by Allah into Jannah (heaven). Even Abdul Majid Dariyabadi confirmed that Shah Wali Ullah believed that Eisa (as) was never on the cross.

What did MGA write about Shah Wali ullah? 

In 1891 (Izala Auham), MGA wrote that any Muslims who believes in the abrogation of even a single verse of the Quran is a Kafir. As we all know, Shah-Wali-Ullah believed that at least 5 verses of the Quran were in-fact abrogated. Thus, per MGA, Shah-Wali-Ullah was not a Muslim. In fact, per MGA, since all the mujadids believed in the substitution theory and abrogation, none were Muslim (naozobillah).

In 1898, in Kitab-ul-Barriya, pages 91-92, Shah Wali ullah was a mujadid and a high ranking Muslim.
“Al-Fauz Al-Kabir Ft Usui Al-Tafsir”, (The Principles of Quran Commentary), via scribd, english translation by Prof. G. N. Jalbani, has presented this valuable translation of al-Fauz al-Kabir Fi Usui al-Tafsir of Shah Waliyullah to be printed under the Council’s Hijra Publication programme. His contribution is gratefully acknowledged

See-Page 15

“””Their other error is, that they firmly believed in the murder of Jesus, but actually, a confusion had taken place in the story. They considered his elevation to the heaven as his having been killed, and have thus been narrating the wrong story from father to son, God removed that confusion in the Holy Qur’an in these words,

‘‘They had not killed him nor crucified him but the matter had become dubious to them’ (4:157)

The saying of Jesus mentioned in the Bible in this connection simply points to the information which he had given of the daring attempt of the Jews on his life. God provided safety to him, and he was saved from murder. As far as statement of his disciples (Hawariyun) is concerned, the cause of it too is the confusion that had thus arisen; also because they were absolutely unaware of the reality of his being raised to the heaven, as they were not familiar with such novel thing and had never heard about it before 

Besides, they would say that the Promised Comforter (Praclate) was the same Christ who after his murder had appeared before his disciples and advised them to stick to the Bible, they also said that, Christ had told them that, as many pretenders to prophecy would appear after him, they, were, therefore, advised to accept him who…”


Page 23

“””The signs of the Resurrection mentioned are: the descent of the Prophet Jesus from the heaven to the earth, the coming of the Anti-Christ and of the Gods and Magoge. When these events have taken place there will be sounded the first blow of the trumpet which will cause universal destruction. There will then be the second blow which will bring the dead to life, resulting in the Gathering, Questioning and Answering, and the setting up of the Balance. Men will receive their scrolls of actions in their right and left hands. The believers will move to Paradise and the infidels to Hell-fire.”””

Page 173-174/328 of the PDF–

“””The founder of present day Christianity
The Nasara claim that present day Christianity was founded by Hadhrat Isa  and that they still follow the teachings and religion of Hadhrat Isa . However the reality is after Allaah Ta’ala raised Hadhrat Isa  to the heavens, the Hawaariyeen (companions of Hadhrat Isa ) continued to propagate the teachings of Hadhrat Isa  amidst heavy opposition. Even with many obstacles raining down upon them they continued their propagation with great success but one incident occurred which changed the course of history.”””

Pages of the PDF 186-187/328 of the PDF–

“””However this belief of the Christians is completely wrong. Neither did the Jews kill Hadhrat Isa  nor did they crucify him. Rather they killed and crucified the one whose face was transformed into that of Hadhrat Isa  and Allaah Ta’ala raised Hadhrat Isa  to Jannat.

“They never killed him nor did they crucify him but they were cast into doubt (when Allaah made the people think that another person was Hadhrat Isa , whom they killed instead). Indeed those who dispute about him (who say that Hadhrat Isa  was crucified) are definitely in doubt. The only knowledge they possess (about Hadhrat Isa ) is guesswork (they have no accurate knowledge about his whereabouts). With certainty, they never killed him. On the contrary, Allaah raised him towards Himself (in the Heavens). (Surah Nisaa: 157,158)

Ultimately the Jews were fooled into thinking they had killed and crucified Hadhrat Isa . Those companions who were unaware of the reality thought the claim of the Jews to be true and also began saying that Hadhrat Isa  was killed and crucified.

Those that knew the reality were few in number whereas those who were unaware were in the majority, which is why this errant belief spread among the Christians and the reality remained unknown. When the Quraan was revealed, people became aware of this reality.”””

Pages of the PDF 191/328 of the PDF–

This is in terms of 61:6.

“””Allaah Ta’ala has refuted this false belief in Surah Saff, clarifying the truth that the prophecy of Hadhrat Isa  only fits Hadhrat Muhammed . It is clearly mentioned in the Gospel of Mathew under the discussion of the Peroclitus that “He will reside among you for a period of time. He will teach you everything and he will purify the people from sin.” Whereas the soul of Hadhrat Isa , as believed by the Christians, only remained for a short while, therefore the Peroclitus can only refer to Hadhrat Muhammed  and no one else.

As far as the statement of Hadhrat Isa  “If he takes my name, accept him” is concerned it does not mean as the Christians believe that accept him only if he accepts me as god but in reality means “accept him, if he testifies to my Nabuwwat and accepts me as the Rasul of Allaah” and do not accept the one who denies my Nabuwwat.”””
Pages of the PDF 193/328 of the PDF–

Summary of the Deviations of the Christians
Four specific things can be found in Hadhrat Isa ,
1- He was born without a father.
2- He was raised to the Heavens while still alive.
3- He will descend from Heaven close to the last hour when Dajjaal will emerge.
4- The chain of Ambiyaa-prophets in the Bani Israa’eel ended with him.
The Christians have created various deviant beliefs with regards to these four features of Hadhrat Isa .
1- Based upon the first feature they created the belief that Hadhrat Isa  is God, leaving the belief of Tauheed and trapping themselves in the concept of Trinity.
2- They could not understand how Hadhrat Isa  was raised to Heaven and in their confusion began to believe that Hadhrat Isa  was killed and crucified.
Pages of the PDF 229/328 of the PDF–

“””- Signs of Qiyaamah, i.e. the descent of Hadhrat Isa  from the heavens (Surah Zukhruf: 6), emergence of Dajjaal (This is not mentioned in the Quraan but it is established through authentic Ahaadeeth that Hadhrat Isa  will descend after the emergence of Dajjaal and he will kill Dajjaal, thus the descent of Hadhrat Isa  affirms the emergence of Dajjaal.), the emergence of the creature from the earth (Daabatul-Ardh) (Surah Naml: 86), the emergence of Yajuj and Majuj. (Surah Ambiyaa: 96)”””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Razi with Ahmadi answers recently posted this defense, however, it seems dubious
Al-Khair ul Kathir, pages 236-237

“”The reality (is that) the Promised Messiah is to have the light and image of the Holy Prophet (saw) in him. Many people think that the Promised Messiah will be an ordinary person from the Ummah. This is not true. he will be the true embodiment of the name of the Holy Prophet (saw) and his true copy. How can he be compared with an ordinary Muslim.” 

MGA’s comments on Shah Wali ullah

1—-“He was Raees UL Muhaddiseen”.(Azalea Auham pg153)

2—-“Shah Wali Ullah was Raees UL Muhaddiseen” (Azala Auham pg155)

3—- Shah Wali Ullah was a perfect wali, a man of miracles and paranormal.
(Kitab ul bariya pg74)

4—–“My beloved Wali Ullah Muhaddis Dehlvi”. (Azala Auham,RK edition-3, pg. 627)

5——Hazrat Ahmad Shah Wali Ullah Muhaddis Dehlvi was a reformer and imam of the era in 12th century. (Asal musaffa 1 pg165)
Shah Wali ullah, Tafheemat Ilaheyyah Vol. 1, page 61, by Shah wali-ullah Dahlawi, 1936 edition

“””We have been promised that there will be a person in the last era who will be the “key to the evils” and he is the big Dajjal and Isa a.s will kill him.”””


Shah Wali ullah, Tafheemat Ilaheyyah Vol. 2, page 249, by Shah wali-ullah Dahlawi, 1936 edition

It is in Hadith that..

“Whoever of you finds Isa Ibn e Maryam convey my Salam to him.”I humbly have a great desire that if I find the era of RoohUllah a.s then I would be the first ever person to convey Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Salam to him. If not then whoever in my children and successors finds the era of the sign of glory of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ,he must succeed in conveying Salam so that the last in the armies of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ would be us.”


Fauzul Kabeer, pages number 48-49, Arabic edition, 1974

“”””One of the misconceptions of the Christians is that they believe Jesus (peace be upon him) was killed, even though in fact there was an ambiguity in the story of his murder, that when he was taken up to heaven, they (the Jews) thought that he was killed. And generation after generation continued to transmit this false tradition. Allah the Almighty dispelled this suspicion in the Holy Qur’an by saying, “The fact is that they have neither killed him nor crucified him, but they were deluded by resemblance”.

And the saying of Jesus (pbuh) which is mentioned in the Bible, regarding this matter, purports to report the boldness of the Jews and their attempted murder, although Allah Almighty would save him from this tragedy. As for the saying of the disciples, its source is their doubt and unawareness regarding his elevation (to the skies), with which their minds and ears were not acquainted.

And Allah Almighty has mentioned the signs of the Hour, such as the descension of Esa (peace be upon him), the appearance of the Antichrist, the emergence of Daabba-tul-ard ‘The Beast’ (out of the Earth), the exodus of Gog and Magog, the blow of unconsciousness (death) (i.e. the first breath which will destroy the world) and the breath of resurrection.”””


_______________________________________________________________________________________________Izalatul Khafa’an Khilafatul Khulafa, arabic edition of 2014, Vol. 4

Pages 84-85-86

According to a narration, Hazrat Umer r.a wrote Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqqas staying in Qadisia and commanded him to send Nadhla ibn Muavia Ansari to Hulwan in Iraq to invade its peripheries. So Saad r.a sent Nadhla with a troop of 300.They occupied the areas, made its people their prisoners and took their valuables. On their return,ASR prayer time became narrow as the sun was about to set. So Nadhla confined the prisoners and the valuables in a corner of a mountain. Then he called Azan for prayer and said Allah o Akbar. Suddenly someone from the mountains answered “you expressed the greatness of Allah”. He called اشھد ان لا الہ الااللہ, he said

” This is a word of sincerity”.

When he said اشھد ان محمداً عبدہ ورسولہ, he said this is the person ESA a.s foretold me about. The day of judgment will occur on his Ummah. When he called حی علی الصلوۃ, he said good news is for those who act accordingly and prayed with persistence. When Nadhla said حی علی الفلاح, replied whoever obeyed it became successful. Then Nadhla called اللہ اکبر اللہ اکبر لا الہ الا اللہ, he said you expressed a word of pure sincerity. O Nadhla, by virtue of this Allah made your body impermissible for fire. After Azan was finished, people stood and asked the person replying Azan that if he is a Jin or an angel or a wanderer. They asked to see him as they had already heard his voice. They introduced themselves as the Jamaat of Rasool Allah peace be upon him and Umar Ibn Al Khattab. Suddenly the mountain erupted and a person with white hair and beard, clad in woolen sheets appeared. He greeted Salam. People replied him and asked about him. He introduced him as zurriat bin Barsamla Abd Saleh, advised by ISA Ibn Maryam. He told that ISA a.s has kept him in this mountain and prayed for his long life until he descends from the skies.

Then the person asked to convey his Salam to Umar r.a and an advice “O Umar! Always choose moderation in every manner and keep yearning for closeness to Allah because the day of judgment is near. Then he told to make Umar r.a aware of the signs he tells. He proceeded “when these signs are seen in the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ then run and become far apart.(means decline of the Ummah will start and no chance of betterment).
The signs are.. when gents get satisfied without women and women without men, when they associate themselves to surnames other than their own and slaves relate themselves to lords other than their own, their elders are not kind with their youngers, the minors are not respectable to their elders, good deeds are not recommended and bad deeds are not refrained, an Alim seeks knowledge just to earn money, rain becomes harmful to crops, sons are shameful for their fathers, tall towers are built to show off,Quran copies are worked with silver and masjids are embellished with gold, bribery is common, houses are built strong, sensual desires are persued, religion is sold for worldly advantages, blood relations are broken up, decisions are unjust, interest becomes permissible, wealth becomes the standard to respect each other, the stronger wins command over others, ladies start driving vehicles.”

Then the person disappeared and no one could see him. Nadhla wrote all this to Saad Ibn Abu waqqas.r.a. and Saad r.a told this to Umar r.a. He commanded Saad r.a to stay again with Mujahideen and Ansars near that mountain and asked to convey his Salam to that person if they meet him again. Saad went there with 4000 sahabas and stayed there for 40 days and called Azan and prayed there but he never listened or answered again.


_____________________________________________________________________________________________Fathur Rahman By Shah Waliullah

1.”One of their error was that they believed that Isa a.s has been killed. Though in reality they were mistaken and they took the ascension as his death”.

..The point here is that by using the word ‘ascension’ in contrast to ‘killing’,Shah Sahab announces that as Jews and Christians believe killing on the worldly body of Isa a.s ,the same body was subject to the ascension. Otherwise the two things will not be opposite.(Abu Ubaida)(page 149)

2. We have described the consensus of more than 3000 sahabas on Isa a.s being alive. Raees UL Muhaddiseen recognized this hadith as ‘Sahih’. (Page 82)

3.Hazrat Shah Sahab clearly states that Isa a.s is alive. He says that all the people of book will eventually embrace Islam before the death of Isa a.s. So as long as a single Jew or a Christian remains on his belief,death will not occur on Isa a.s. Because death on Isa a.s before it will be a breach of promise from Allah. (Page 148)

4.The Reformer and Raees UL Muhaddiseen accredited by Qadianis interprets tha ayah
انی متوفیک ورافعک الی

“O Isa! (a.s) I’m going to take you in my custody and ascend you towards me and going to purify you from the company of these non believers.” (Page 149)

5.In his Tafseer Fath ur Rahman, Shah Sahab writes in the explanation of the ayah وما قتلوہ وما صلبوہ

“Neither the Jews killed Isa a.s nor they ascended him on crucifix …it is assured that they could not kill him.. rather Allah ascended Isa a.s towards Him. ”

He writes “I say by people of book I mean the Jews who will be at the time of the descent of Isa a.s”. (721)

6.Raees UL Muhaddiseen tells about the ayah وانہ لعلم الساعہ
“No doubt Isa a.s is the sign of the day of judgment.”


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