Even Ibn Abbas believed that Eisa (as) was never hung on the cross. This can be found in Sunan Nasai (part of the Sahih Sitta, see pages 425-426)(see scans in the below). This is written in Tafsir ibn Kathir under the verse 4:157. In this reference (Sunan al-Nasa’i al-Kubra 11591, see pages 425-426), it is written that a “Fake” Eisa was killed before being hung (salaboo-hoo). 5:110 of the Quran also supports the substitution theory.

We get multiple points from this narration:

1) The youth was killed and then crucified, which puts into understanding of what the Quran denies. So the Qadiani theories are all invalid.

2) Isa ibn Maryam had water flowing from his head (according to baptism) and the Ahadith of the return of Isa ibn Maryam use the same exact words in Arabic.

3) The words from Ibn Abbas in Nasa’i say that Jesus was physically raised to the heavens.

4) Razi argues for weak or fabricated Ahadith such as La Mahdi Illa Isa because he says that some scholar authenticated it or that at least it is in a canonical Hadith collection.

Over here, we have Ibn Kathir and Imam as Suyuti both authenticating this Hadith from Ibn Abbas and it is from an Nasa’i. An Nasa’i has been said to be the most authentic collection after Bukhari and Muslim.

Based on all of Qadiani standards, Ibn Abbas cannot be used for the death of Isa AS because he believed in the physical ascension according to authentic sources (based on Qadiani standards).

The testimony of Ibn Abbas (recorded by Ibn Abi Hatim) is well recorded in Tabari, Ibn Kathir and Suyuti. In the below, we have posted the scans. Ironically, Ahmadi’s quote Ibn Abbas in terms of the death of Eisa (as) in the latter days, however, they go silent on his other views. Shah Wali-ullah also supported and endorsed the substitution theory. Ibn Hazm also supported and endorsed the substitution theory. In terms of the chain of transmitters, Ibn Kathir says the chain is authentic all the way up to Ibn Abbas. No breaks or missing narrators (See the scans).
Scan from Sunan Nasai
See pages 425-426
Sunan al-Nasa’i al-Kubra 11591


11591 – I, Muhammad bin Al-Alaa, said: Abu Muawiyah told us, on the authority of Al-Amash, on the authority of Al-Minhal bin Amr, on the authority of Saeed bin Jubayr, on the authority of Ibn Abbas, who said: When God Almighty wanted to raise Jesus, peace be upon him, to heaven, he went out to his companions while they were in the house of twelve men, and his head was dripping with water. He said, “Which of you will my likeness be cast upon him, and he will be killed in my place, and he will be with me in my rank?” Then a young man, one of the youngest among them, stood up and said, “I,” and he said, “Sit.” Then he repeated it to them. Then the young man stood up and said, “I,” and (Jesus) said, “Sit.” Then he repeated it to them a third time, and the young man said, “I.” Then Jesus, peace be upon him, said, “Yes, you.” Then the likeness of Jesus, peace be upon him, was cast upon him.

Then Jesus was raised from the roof that was in the house, into heaven. The request came from the Jews, so they took the young man for his resemblance, killed him, then crucified him. They separated into three groups, and one group said, “God Almighty was in us as He willed, then he ascended to heaven.” And these are the Jacobites. One group said, “The Son of God was in us, as God willed,” and then God raised him up to Him. And these are the Nestorians, and a group said, “There was among us the servant of God and His Messenger as long as God willed, then he raised him.” These are the Muslims, so the two infidels demonstrated against the Muslim (sect) and killed it. Islam remained obscure until God sent Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and God Almighty revealed, “So a group of the Children of Israel believed, and a group disbelieved,” meaning the group. Those who disbelieved in the time of Jesus, peace be upon him, and the sect that believed in the time of Jesus, so we supported those who believed against their enemy by making Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him, prevail their religion over the religion of the disbelievers, so they became victorious.





Additional clearer scans

See Tafsir Ibn Kathir
(Tafsir Ibn Kathir on 4:157)
QTafsir | The Evil Accusation the Jews U—
(Ibn Abi Hatim 4/431 Hadith 6266, Ibn Kathir 2/449.  Ibn Kathir called it Sahih)

Ibn Abi Hatim recorded that Ibn `Abbas said, “Just before Allah raised `Isa to the heavens, `Isa went to his companions, who were twelve inside the house. When he arrived, his hair was dripping water and he said, `There are those among you who will disbelieve in me twelve times after he had believed in me.’ He then asked, `Who volunteers that his image appear as mine, and be killed in my place. He will be with me (in Paradise)’ One of the youngest ones among them volunteered and `Isa asked him to sit down. `Isa again asked for a volunteer, and the young man kept volunteering and `Isa asking him to sit down. Then the young man volunteered again and `Isa said, `You will be that man,’ and the resemblance of `Isa was cast over that man while `Isa ascended to heaven from a hole in the house. When the Jews came looking for `Isa, they found that young man and crucified him. Some of `Isa’s followers disbelieved in him twelve times after they had believed in him. They then divided into three groups. One group, Al-Ya`qubiyyah (Jacobites), said, `Allah remained with us as long as He willed and then ascended to heaven.’ Another group, An-Nasturiyyah (Nestorians), said, `The son of Allah was with us as long as he willed and Allah took him to heaven.’ Another group, Muslims, said, `The servant and Messenger of Allah remained with us as long as Allah willed, and Allah then took him to Him.’ The two disbelieving groups cooperated against the Muslim group and they killed them. Ever since that happened, Islam was then veiled until Allah sent Muhammad .” This statement has an authentic chain of narration leading to Ibn `Abbas, and An-Nasa’i narrated it through Abu Kurayb who reported it from Abu Mu`awiyah. Many among the Salaf stated that `Isa asked if someone would volunteer for his appearance to be cast over him, and that he will be killed instead of `Isa, for which he would be his companion in Paradise. 


Exposing Qadiani Lies against Scholars | Authentic Tawhid (

Hazrat Ibn Abbas (ra) said, we were discussing about the blessings/superiority of Prophets in mosque, Hazrat Noah (AS) was given a long age, Prophet Abraham (aS) was Khalilullah, Prophet Moses (PBUH) was Kaleemullah and Prophet Jesus (PBUH) was taken to the skies… (Allama Zamakhshri under ayah 2:253)
Additional scans

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