The majority of Muslims in the past 1400 years believed in the substitution theory. They argued that per 4:157, Eisa (As) was never on the cross (wa ma salaboo). This is well known. This was the main explanation for the Sunni and Shia ulema for 1400 years. Even Ibn Abbas believed that Eisa (as) was never hung on the cross. The testimony of Ibn Abbas written in Tabari, Ibn Kathir and Suyuti. In the below, we have posted the scans. Ironically, Ahmadi’s quote Ibn Abbas in terms of the death of Eisa (as) in the latter days, however, they go silent on his other views.
Shah Wali-ullah also supported and endorsed the substitution theory. Ibn Hazm also supported and endorsed the substitution theory.


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Ibn Hazm believed in the physical return of Esa (as) and the substitution theory, and NO NEW PROPHETS

Shah Wali ullah supported “the substitution theory” and the physical acsension (raffa) of Esa (as) to Jannah (heaven)

Salaaboo in 20:71 proves the Substitution theory for Esa (As)


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