As you all know by now, a twitter was started this week which led to a prominent Qadiani-Ahmadi getting called a Kafir by many Ahmadi’s via twitter. All of these people overlooked the claims of Mirza Tahir Ahmad (MTA) in terms of homeopathy, MTA claimed that he had cured cancer in a cow’s ear, he also claimed that homeopathy was on the rise on a global scale and was potentially a new system of medicine. However, science has proven that these homeopathic pills are nothing more than sugar and alcohol. Thus, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa’s have been proven to be liars and have sold false dreams to innocent Ahmadi’s for many years.

Homeopathy is so deeply institutionalised in Ahmadiyya Jama’at that no one bats an eye when subjective fundraising claims r made hailing it to be a better treatment than allopathic, cure for cancer, brain tumor etc. However a little skepticism doesn’t go without retaliation. Homeopathy prescriptions come from his Holiness who also prescribes sophisticated doses of Split Chickpeas (Dal Chana) for hight growth & claims this remedy really works!

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Is it wrong for an Ahmadi to disbelieve in homeopathic medicine?


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