It seems that Mirza Nasir Ahmad claimed that homeopathic medicines and treatment were from Allah. The ref is in the below. The reference in the below was posted on twitter as Ahmadi’s began to argue amongst themselves on this topic. All of this stems from Kashif Chaudhary’s questioning of the Ahmadiyya system of homeopathy. Kashif claimed that it was only a placebo, and thus only sugar pills. Many Ahmadi’s made Takfir on Kashif aka @KashifMD on twitter. Watch my video on this herein. About 3 years ago, Ahmadi’s attacked Fiona O’Leary on twitter after she criticized the Ahmadiyya business of selling homeopathy pills. These Ahmadi’s argued and called each other Kafir on twitter.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Khutbat-e-Nasir, vol. 2, p. 232

“God Almighty Himself has also taught the homeopathic method of treatment.” (Khutbat-e-Nasir, vol. 2, p. 232).

“”‘aur jub soch-da-hu, kay allah talla nay, tadbeer karnay ka hukkum bee dee-a-hay, pir soch-da-hu, kay, acha, homeopathic dueeaaa may istamal kar lunga……….homepathic ka tahreek, allah tallah nay ee sahee-hay.”””


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