When Eisa (as) returns, 99% of non-Muslims will convert to Islam, and thus, Jizya will be abolished. MGA wasn’t able to do this. In the below, we have posted a reference from Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani’s famous book, Fath al-Bari.

The explanation

This is the explanation from Ibn Hadjar Alsqalani of Jizya during Issa A.S. time. (Fath Al baari, V6, Pages 491 and 492)

What translates to:


And his saying he puts the war and in another narration he puts Jizya (Tax) (riwayat Alkashmini).
  1. The meaning is that there will be left no one among ahl Athima (people of the book under the Islamic governance) to pay Aljizya.
  2. They said the meaning is that money becomes abundant till the point that no one needs it, and therefore Jizya will be abandoned as it is not needed.
  3. Kathi Ayaz said: possibly what is meant by putting jizya is imposing it on the non muslims without favortism, and the abundance of money will be a result of that.
  4. Imam Nawawi has followed this hadith and he said: the corrct answer is that Issa A.S. will not accept anything except Islam. I said (meaning Ibn Hajar) and what supports it is that there is another Hadith from Imam Ahmad from Abu Huraira “and the claim الدعوى will be one” Imam Nawawi said: the meaning that Issa A.S puts jizya even though it is allowed in this Shariah is that its legislative aspect is bound with the descent of Issa, from what the hadith has proved. And Issa is not abrogating the rule of Jizya rather it is our Prophet who clarified this abrogation.
  5. Ibn Batal said:and in fact we accepted it (meaning Jizya) before the descent of Issa is because of the need for money unlike to the time of issa A.S. when he does not need money. Money at his time will be a lot and no one accepts it.
  6. And possibly it can be said that the reason we accept it (jizya) from the Jews and the Christians is because they have a shubha (suspicion or obscurity) between their hands… and when Issa A.S descend there wont be any suspicion because they have seen him with their eyes. Therefore they become like the pagans as their “proof” has been cut off. Therefore Jizya will not be accepted from them (same like the pagans).

The scan

Other quotes

“Then Allah send Issa A.S. and he kills him (meaning Dajal), then he stays seven years (Fath al-Baari, v.13, p.77)


and that Issa A.S will kill him(meaning Dajal) after he descends from the sky and he rules with the Muhamadan Shariah” (Fath al-Baari, v.13, p.96)
“Scholars said, the wisdom of the descent of Issa.A.S as an exception from among all the prophets is to reply the jews who claimed that they killed him, So Allah clarified to them their lie and that it is him who is going to kill them, or his descent because his fate is close so that he will be buried in earth (Fath al-Baari, v.6, p.493)


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