We have recently came across an official letter of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat USA, wherein they seem to have kicked out an Ahmadi man after a few of his children married Muslims. Watch my tik tok video on this here and Instagram here. Watch my youtube video explanation herein.

The Ahmadi’s in the case seem to be from the Seattle Jamaat, (see their twitter account here) which is very small, barely 400 men, women and children. Nevertheless, the member codes were also given. The father seems to be member code 29755, and he seems to have paid and/or willfully supported his 3 children as they married outside of the Jamaat with Muslims or non-Muslims. His daughter seems to be mentioned last, she lives in south Virginia. We have also talked about mass expulsions from 2010.

One thing to note is Jama’at doesn’t usually shame and expel members for consuming alcohol, having extramarital affairs, financial frauds done by office bearers etc. The majority of shaming & expelling is done for marrying outside the community.

This clearly shows the cultish character of the community. An office bearer who steals Jama’at money is not shamed or expelled. Why? Because that doesn’t help the Jama’at. It might even make Ahmadis skeptic about giving Chanda. So Jama’at tries to hide such incidents.

But on the other hand, expelling & shaming parents sends a clear message. It helps them to keep many youngsters in line because they do not want to hurt their parents. So many young Ahmadis attending universities will never pursue relationships at all because they know it will either end up breaking their own hearts or their parents’ hearts.

This community thrives on arranged marriage alone. So the future of the Jama’at depends on this shaming tactic. Thus they will keep doing that. But in the long run more people will move away from the Jama’at in the West coming generations. Mirza Masroor Ahmad is too short sighted to see it.
The letter

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